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Hanging houseplants

A nice addition to your green jungle! A hanging plant as a houseplant is super decorative but also super handy. It takes up little space, so there is more room for other green friends, it is varied and playful and it is extremely useful if you have a pet or kids hopping around at home. Choose one of our newest hanging pots or make your own hanging pot with our DIY Macramé set!

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Hanging plants

The beauty of hanging plants is that if you think you don't have room in your house for a houseplant anymore, a hanging plant is actually always possible! You can put hanging plants on a cabinet and let them grow down along it. But of course you can also hang a hanging plant from something. There are many different hanging plants and every plant has something special. Think, for example, of the beautiful Philodendron Scandens with its heart-shaped leaves or the Hoya with its occasional beautiful flowers. Aren’t these hanging plants wonderful? You can really brighten up any spot in your house with something green!

Order hanging plants online

At hanging plants are available in all sorts, sizes and colours of green. Well-known types of hanging plants are the Philodendron Scandens, the String of Pearls, the Peperomia Pepperspot and the Scindapsus Pictus Trebie. As just mentioned, you can always find a place for hanging plants. Hanging from the ceiling or high up or in a cupboard. Of course, you can also buy hanging plants for in a taller vase or pot.

Climbing plants as hanging plants

Some climbing plants can also be used as hanging plants. Instead of binding the climbing plant to a climbing tool, you can let their vines hang down. Think of the wonderful Syngonium Aurea Variegata. Her arrow shaped leaves look so good when you decide to let them hang out of a cabinet or from a special hanging pot. 

This also goes for the Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Variegated, the Monkey Mask (Monstera Adansonii), Philodendron Brandtianum and many more!

Accessories for hanging up your plants

At, we have several handy accessories for hanging your plants. You can think of the various rope hangers to hang your plant + plant pot from the ceiling with. For example, we have the Luna hanger and the DIY macrame hangers. We also have a beautiful wooden wall pendant, a glass vase to give your cuttings an even higher place and display clamps to give your plants a royal spot.

Hanging plants are safe for children and pets

Besides the fact that hanging plants are very beautiful and can always be put away, they are also rather safe for your children and pets. This is because hanging plants can easily be placed high up, allowing your pets and kids to frolic around without any worries. Give your hanging plants a high spot and your pets and kids can’t nibble on them and thus not get sick.

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!