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The best plants to grow in a terrarium!

Being a PLNTSparent is a big deal! Your green beauties need love and some of them require even more than others! They could keep you busy for hours and hours, but luckily they give you lots in return. We always encourage expanding a plant collection, but we can imagine that you don’t have more time to spend on your babies. The perfect solution that will fit your time frame perfectly is a terrarium! An eye-catcher in your interior and super easy to care for!

A terrarium works as a mini ecosystem, because for example, a closed jar ensures that the temperature is slightly higher than the outside temperature. Water from the plants and soil will evaporate and these micro drops can’t go anywhere because of the closed environment. Condense on the jar will appear and these drops will fall back into the soil and on the plants. This makes sure that the plants will never have too little water and increases the humidity!

The soil provides nutrients for the plants, plants grow from these nutrients, eventually some leaves will fall off and these dead leaves will bring nutrients back to the soil. This will make a never ending cycle of nutrients inside your terrarium. There are lots of plants that thrive on these conditions, so let’s name some beautiful BabyPLNTS for terrariums!

Jewel Orchid Macodes Petola

This humidity loving artwork is the Jewel Orchid Macodes Petola. She is an absolute rare beauty with green leaves that have a neon green pattern on them. This neon pattern almost resembles lightning!

This special looking plant is perfect to place inside your terrarium! She loves a higher temperature and bright indirect light. She can be a bit tricky to care for, but the terrarium can be a place that really can provide for all her needs. This makes sure you can enjoy all of her rare beauty without stressing she will not make it. Sounds perfect to me!

jewel orchid terrarium.jpg

Photo by @Plntstories & @Loveplant82

Calathea Lancifolia Insigne

This stunning beauty is the Calathea Lancifolia Insigne. She has beautiful long and narrow leaves with a dark green dotted pattern on top and a purple bottom. The sides of her leaves almost look frayed, which makes the shape of her leaves even more special.

She loves high humidity, partial shade and higher temperature. Outside of a terrarium she can be a bit fussy to look after, but the terrarium will provide her the high humidity and temperature where she can really thrive from! Most of her Calathea family members, like Calathea Orbifolia and Calathea Makoyana, have the same needs. They would also love to live inside of a terrarium!

Pilea Peperomioides Sugar

This sweet pancake plant is the Pilea Peperomioides Sugar. She has round thick green leaves on green stems. Her leaves have a silver speckled pattern on them, which really looks like crystalized sugar! Now you also know where she gots her sweet name from! If you prefer a different type of variegation on your Pilea, we also have her sisters Pilea Peperomioides Splash and Pilea Peperomioides Mojito for you available!

All of them are low maintenance plants that love a higher humidity, but don't like to stay wet for too long. Therefore An open terrarium will be the perfect option for your Pilea family! An open terrarium does require some interference, since you do have to water it once in a while. But it still looks super cool!

Begonia Maculata

This dot of a plant is the Begonia Maculata. Her leaves have adorable white polka dots! These dots are on a green base and the bottom of her leaves are red. The shape of her leaves are long, narrow and end in a point.

She is actually very easy to care for, but when you decide to put her inside a terrarium she will be even easier to have as a houseplant. Her dots can really brighten up the looks of your terrarium!

Fittonia Verschaffeltii

The Fittonia Verschaffeltii is a green cutie that will absolutely love to be put inside of a terrarium. She has small rounded leaves with beautiful white nerves.

She adores a higher humidity, bright in light and moist soil. She will grow abnormally fast inside a terrarium, because this is the perfect environment for her!

Asparagus Fern

This fluffy plant is the Asparagus Fern. She is very special to look at with her thin stems and fuzzy looking branches. She also feels very soft, so when you get the chance, I would definitely give her a little pet!

She will be very happy in a higher humid environment, which makes this little floof plant perfect to put inside your mini ecosystem!

Pilea Moon Valley

The Pilea Moon Valley is definitely a special looking plant. She has textured leaves with frayed sides. Her leaves are mostly green, but some red peaks through this awesome texture!

She is easy to care for and loves a humid environment. But just like her sugar baby cousin, she doesn't like to stay wet for too long, which makes her more suitable to place inside an open terrarium.

Nephrolepis Green Fantasy

If you like something bushy, the Nephrolepis Green Fantasy can be the one that makes your terrarium the ultimate green fantasy! She has green branches with frayed green leaves, covering her branches.

She is native to the rainforest and loves high humidity, which makes her also great to live inside a terrarium!

Are you excited yet?! We have everything to create that cool statement piece for your home. For example different shaped terrariums available in multiple sizes, like Olly and Emily. Of course there are also other essentials that are necessary in a terrarium. Read our blog DIY: how to make your own terrarium to let your baby plants get comfortable in their own environment.

Our special terrarium tools are super handy when decorating your terrarium. Check out tools like Toby Tweezers and Toby Terrarium Pickup Tool, so caring for your terrarium becomes effortless!


Emma is a botanical enthusiast with an unwavering desire to share her extensive knowledge about plants with you. She's always delighted to answer your questions, provide care tips, and guide you to find the perfect plant for your space.

February 24, 2022
Hi, I'm Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your PLNTS.com guide!