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Take your indoor jungle outside: best houseplants for outdoor placement

We have been receiving longer days, warmer weather and overall a better mood! Who doesn’t love Summer?! We generally love to spend our time outdoors, to enjoy the sun on our skins and absorb lots of vitamin D and maybe even get a nice tan. Some of our plants would also love to spend time outdoors during the summer. These plants originate from warm areas, which now our own area is. In this blog we will tell you about 10 plant families that can take a peek outside during summer!

Snake plants

Snake plants, we love them for their looks and their low maintenance. Not only can they shine inside your urban jungle, but also in your garden or balcony! The temperature needs to be at least above 12 degrees, so make sure that whenever the night falls the temperature stays above this minimum. They can be outside with the temperature up to 32 degrees, but make sure you don’t place them in direct sunlight. That might cause scorching on their majestic foliage.

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Peace Lily

Your pretty Peace Lily would also love to soak up some summer warmth. Can you imagine how her pretty flowers will look in that happy looking sunlight? She can be placed outside when the minimum temperature is above 15 degrees. She can handle warmth up to 30 degrees during the day, but also keep this stunner out of any direct sunlight.

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Would you like to embellish your garden or balcony with some stunning foliage? Maybe some nice polka dots or heavily structured foliage? The Begonia can provide you with those looks! The minimum is 15 degrees, so make sure that during the night the temperature doesn’t drop below this point. The Begonia doesn’t like too much heat, but can take up to 24 degrees. Again for this cutie the rule goes that she can’t be placed in direct sunlight.

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The Aglaonema is known for their pretty and often bright coloured foliage. This plant can also give your garden or balcony a tropical touch during the warmer months. She can survive outside when the minimum is above 18 degrees and the maximum is at 24 degrees. The Aglaonema can also be burned by direct sunlight, so make sure to give her a nice spot where this can’t happen.



Would you like a pop of colour on your balcony or inside your garden? Then the Croton could be an excellent candidate for you. They have bright foliage with hints of orange, which fits perfectly with the orange hints of those gorgeous sunrays. The Croton likes to be at a minimum of 18 degrees and can take up to 35 degrees in warmth! Keep an eye on any foliage that might get scorched by the heat.

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The Rhipsalis can cheer up any space with her long and maybe a bit quirky, but certainly stunning foliage. These long leaves hanging from her pot have a playful appearance that fits with the summer vibes. Whenever the temperature doesn’t drop below 16 degrees and will be around 24 degrees at the hottest part of the day, is the time that the Rhipsalis can take her spot outside. And just like every other plant family that has been discussed so far, you can’t place your Rhipsalis in any direct sunlight, since it might cause damage.

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This tree-like plant will make you feel like you are on a tropical island! The Dracaena has a plumed foliage on top of her thick stems. These are green and have a variety of designs to choose from. She can be outside when the temperature doesn’t drop below 18 degrees and won’t go over 35 degrees. Which makes this cutie pretty tolerant to different temperatures.

# draceana.jpg


Known for her outstanding foliage, the Dieffenbachia will be a real eye catcher on any spot she is placed. Imagine her pretty leaves reflecting the light from the sun when she is placed outside during summer, stunning! You can place her there when the temperature is 16 degrees at the lowest and can tolerate warmth up to 27 degrees.

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This plant must be the most versatile when it comes to tolerating temperatures. The Yucca can survive in a temperature as cold as 10 degrees, to as hot as 32 degrees. That means you can have this palm lily outside for an extensive period, pretty impressive, right? Her plume shaped foliage can be damaged by being placed in direct sunlight, so always keep an eye out for that.

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The highly beloved Philodendron can shine bright inside your garden or on your balcony. With so many species of Philodendron to choose from, you will certainly find something that fits exactly with what you love. You can place the Philodendron outside as long as the temperature stays above 18 degrees at the lowest and 27 degrees at the top. This provides you with a good time frame to let your Philodendron soak up that summer weather. And here is yet again the golden rule, keep them out of any direct sunlight. ;)

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That were 10 plant families that are perfect to be taken outside during the summer, woohoo! Will you take some of your green friends outside? We would love to see them flourish outside on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us with the hashtag #PLNTS, so we can enjoy it with you! If you have any plant care related questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to us.


Carlijn is probably one of the biggest plant geeks ever. She is always on the lookout for new gems and loves to share all her plant knowledge, tips and inspiration with our community!

June 19, 2023