Ramulosa Red Coral

Rhipsalis   Ramulosa Red Coral


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Ramulosa Red Coral ()
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  • Diameter17cm
  • Height±60cm
  • LovesPartly shady
  • BenefitsAir cleaner

The Rhipsalis Ramulosa Red Coral has very special foliage. Her leaves are long and a bit thick. The edges are slightly frayed and the colour is mostly green. But when she receives enough light, she will get a red tint on her leaves, which makes her very extraordinary! This stunning foliage hags from her pot, which makes her a perfect candidate for that empty place inside your cabinet! Is this pretty plant a match for you? Buy Rhipsalis Ramulosa Red Coral online. 

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Everything about Rhipsalis

The Rhipsalis has a very unique look. They have long strings growing directly from their pot. It is a hanging plant and radiates fun vibes. This long foliage can vary from thickness and can also be slightly curled. The colour is green and they can produce adoring white flowers all the way down on their quirky foliage. Once these flowers have bloomed, they turn into little white berries. It almost appears like little snowflakes!

Plant expert Renée

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