general plant care

General plant care guide

We know that caring for plants is quite a challenge to bite into. But there is no need for struggling anymore, because PLNTS is here with a special care guide. By following these tips and tricks, you will turn into a real plant guru in no time!


To start off this guide, we will tell you about one of the most important things when it comes to caring for plants: watering. Plants need water to survive, since it is essential for the transportation of nutrients and sugar from the soil to the plant. Giving your plant the right amount of water can be quite a hassle. Most plants need their soil to be slightly moist at all times. But how do you know if the soil is moist? Well, you have an amazing tool on your hand! Just simply stick your finger into the soil, about an inch deep. Does it feel wet? You don’t have to water your plant. Does it feel moist? Your plant is still fine, but needs to be watered in the near future. Does your soil feel dry? Well, this is your time to give your green friend a sip. Always be mindful of the amount of water you are giving your plant, overwatering does more harm than underwatering.

Always check on the bottom of your pot if there is any water accumulating. This can result in root rot.


Another vital necessity for plants is light. Plants need light to be able to photosynthesize. This is a way for them to convert light into chemical energy, which will be released later to fuel the plants activities. Light conditions can differ per specific plant, but most plants thrive under bright indirect light. This is near a west or south facing window.

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Soil & Drainage

A simple solution to make most plants comfortable is by adding some perlite to your soil. This will make the soil airy, well draining and increase insulation. When you want to expand your skills and knowledge, you can choose to make a potting mix per plant species. We have made a whole page about potting soil and substrates. Here you can read about all the substrates you can add to your soil, and what plants like what soil mix.


Humidity is an important life requirement for plants. In a dry environment, plants can dehydrate quickly, which makes them unable to replace the lost water as fast as their losing it. A general humidity of 40-60% will make most houseplants happy and healthy. You can achieve this by placing a humidifier inside your house. This will constantly release evaporated water into the sky, making the room more humid. But be careful that your house will not get too moist, this can result in fungus.

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During the growing season, which is from spring till the end of summer, plants need some nutrition. They need this extra energy to be able to grow during this special season. Our PLNTS nutrition is suited for every houseplant and is almost 100% organic. Give your plants water with these nutrients added to it every two weeks. This will do the trick.


Pruning is needed when plants have dead leaves, or yellowing leaves. This occurs from time to time and is completely normal. The leaves that are dying off, still use energy from the plant. The best thing you can do is cut them off with clean pruning shears. Don’t worry, your plant won’t feel a thing and is happy to get rid of it. It can even stimulate new growth in your green friend!


There is a possibility that your yellowing or browning leaves are caused by an itchy subject, pests. When you are taking the time for pruning, you create the perfect moment for a little plant inspections. When you see anything that seems abnormal, you might have to visit our PLNTS doctor to diagnose and treat your plant.

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Tips from a plant geeky

You almost always get your plant in a nursery pot with holes in the bottom. And this is there for a reason, it can prevent your plant from getting too wet. We advise you to keep your plant in her nursery pot. We know this isn’t the most beautiful sight, but you can place this pot inside of a pot that fits perfectly inside your interior. When you water your plant, you can take her out of the outer pot and let the excess water drain. This will prevent your plant from having wet roots and prevents root rot.

Bottom watering your plants can help you with giving the perfect amount of water to your plants. Simply place your plant in its nursery pot with holes inside a bucket of water. Let her soak up water for about 10 minutes and let the excess drain off. Tadaa, a perfectly watered plant!

Most plants do not like harsh tap water. You can fill up your watering can and leave it standing for a day (24 hours) or longer before using it. This reduces harmful chemicals in your water.


Watering can

A watering can makes your life as a PLNTSparent a lot easier. This will help you with regulated waterings.

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Grow light

If you have low light inside of your house, you can add a grow light to your urban jungle. This will provide your green friends with some extra energy to give you lots of new leaves!

Plant sensor

If you struggle with watering your plants correctly, you can add a plant sensor to your plant. This sensor will tell you all the ins and outs about your plant, isn’t that ideal?

Moss pole or plant stake

Your climbing plants can use a shoulder to lean on. By giving them a moss pole or plant stake you make sure that they can grow upright and besides it stimulates them in growing bigger leaves, who wouldn’t want that?

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Mourning fly catcher

Have you seen some little black flies going around in your house? Well these little creatures are called mourning flies. They are not harmful in any way, but they are attracted to the moistness of your soil. By placing these mourning fly catchers in the soil of your green friends, you reduce the amount of flies flying around in your urban jungle.

Magnifying glass

Remember that little time you will make to inspect your plants? Well some pests can be super tiny! To make sure you won’t overlook them, you can use this magnifying glass.

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That was our general plant care guide! I hope we have given you enough knowledge, tips and tools to turn into the plant guru you always wanted to become. May your urban jungles grow lush and green. Oh! If you need more help with caring for those green babies, you can always look up the specific care on our PLNTSdoctor page. Goodluck!


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February 02, 2023
Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!