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10 most wanted Hoya varieties - selected by our community

Hoyas are fantastic houseplants with foliage that come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. There is so much variety that it can be hard to know which one to choose! Did you know that there are over 500 known Hoyas? You can imagine that it made us wonder about the top 10 most wanted varieties of the so-called ‘Wax Plant’.

We did some research and asked our community to help us out. We received many suggestions of a great diversity of varieties. Although they are all super beautiful, only some of them can be the most wanted. We proudly present the top 10 most wanted Hoya plants, selected by our lovely PLNTScommunity!

1. Hoya Kerrii

The super cute Hoya Kerrii is by far the most popular and wanted Hoya variety of our PLNTScommunity, and we totally get why. Look at how cute she is! Anyone who loves plants simply needs to have this heart shaped Hoya in their collection. And, for our variegata lovers, the amazing Hoya Kerrii is also available with variegated leaves and that’s all we really want, isn’t it?


Photo by @shannieee

2. Hoya Carnosa Tricolor

A steady runner up is the popular Hoya Carnosa Tricolor. This plant is a colourful cultivar of the basic green and less common form of Hoya Carnosa. The Hoya Carnosa Tricolor is a beautiful plant with thick leaves. These leaves have a green outerline and a cream center, sometimes this cream center can even be pink! Which makes the plant look super playful and a real wannahave for Hoya-lovers!


Photo by @letmeknowminnow

3. Hoya Wayetii

Third place goes to the eccentric Hoya Wayetii. This plant is undoubtedly one of the kinds that stands out from the rest of its family members, thanks to her long and slender leaves that are vibrant green with darker edges. With the right care, she will surprise you with some beautiful flowers that give the most spectacular blooms you’ll see!


Photo by @soilmates

4. Hoya Callistophylla

Another popular Hoya variety is the Hoya Callistophylla. If you are looking for a succulent climber with a beautiful leaf pattern, this girl is the one! With the right care, she can grow up to 5 meters in length and give star-shaped flowers that emit a nice amora. We challenge you to make her grow that tall!


Photo by @kma020410

5. Hoya Australis Lisa

The Hoya Australis Lisa is a gorgeous variegated variety of the plain green Hoya Autralis and she’s a real stunner! This variegated type of Hoya Australis has a splashy yellow, cream, and light green variegation that almost resembles a watercolor pattern. Give her a nice plantstake and she will grow up in the sky!


Photo by @amandaraewright

6. Hoya Mathilde

The Hoya Mathilde is also called the Hoya Mathilde Variegata or the Hoya Mathilde Splash because of the silver specks that are lightly splashed over the plant’s green foliage. And that’s not all! If you make this beauty happy, it can produce cute and fragrant flowers for you! A real winner, this pretty Hoya!


Photo by @loris_leaves_

7. Hoya Macrophylla

The Hoya Macrophylla is known for its beautiful leaves, which have a unique colour combination. The outside of the leaves have either a yellow, white or pink edge and is very special in combination with the dark green of the rest of the leaf. Besides that, this beauty has a waxy leaf texture that makes her really stand out from other Hoya plants!


Photo by @nicoplants

8. Hoya Gracilis

Hoya Gracilis or also called Hoya Memoria (Gracilis) is not just any Hoya. In our opinion, this is the Hoya that should not be missing in your home. And since she made it into the top 10, we’re not the only one thinking that! Her new leaves have a burgundy glow. Eventually, the leaves of this plant turn a beautiful green with a white almost silver mottled print. Sometimes, with good care, it even produces pink to red flowers. How cool?!


Photo by @sevslittlegarden

9. Hoya Parasitica

The Hoya Parasitica is also known as the Hoya Parasitica Green, because it also has many varieties and cultivars, like the Parasitica Black Margin. Her beautiful green leaves contain a white/silver print. For this reason it is also called Hoya Parasitica Splash. With the right care, she can grow quite fast, and that is what you want, after all.


Photo by @hoyaappreciation

10. Hoya Caudata

Last, but definitely not least: the Hoya Caudata! As with other hoya species, the Hoya Caudata does have a number of different varieties and cultivars, with the Hoya Caudata Sumatra being the most commonly known one. The leaves of the Hoya Caudata Sumatra are oval shaped and have a waxy texture. They have a deep green colour with silver patterns that look like paint splashes. You understand, this beauty deserves a spot in your home!


Photo by @ilovebeautifulplants88

Grow your Hoya collection!

These are the most common, rarest or most wanted Hoyas. Luckily, these varieties have very similar care needs, so you won’t have to re-learn how to take care of each different Hoya! Did you pick a favourite already? Grow your home with one of our beautiful Hoyas!


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August 30, 2022