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Most Wanted Ficus Varieties in 2024

Welcome to our new blog post, where we explore the best that the plant world has to offer in terms of stunning foliage. In this blog, we highlight a plant family that is highly desired for its aesthetic appeal: the Ficus. Interior design enthusiasts have particularly embraced these plants, as they can become the focal point of any household. Let's dive into the wonderful world of Ficus and discover the most sought-after varieties in 2024.

1. Ficus Lyrata

The one and only Ficus Lyrata is topping our list, also known as the fiddle-leaf fig. Its violin-shaped leaves, supported by sturdy branches, have captured the hearts of many plant lovers. This elegant tree can be styled in various ways, making it a perfect addition to any interior. The Ficus Lyrata fills your home with lush greenery and sophistication, making it a must-have for plant enthusiasts.

Ficus Lyrata

Photo by @houvanjehuis &

2. Ficus Tineke

Next up is the Ficus Tineke, a stunning species with variegated leaves. The thick, rubbery leaves are a true spectacle, featuring a creamy white outer edge that fades into two shades of green. New leaves emerge with a pink hue, adding to the overall beauty of this magnificent plant. The Ficus Tineke is a showstopper that brings a touch of elegance to any room.

Ficus Tineke

Photo by @houseplusplant & @plantdustwoman

3. Ficus Ruby

Another gorgeous Ficus variety is the Ficus Ruby. Similar to the Tineke, its leaves display a range of beautiful colours. However, the Ficus Ruby is more vibrant, with prominent hints of pink and red. This variety is the more extravagant sibling, with its bold and striking appearance. The Ficus Ruby and Ficus Tineke are equally stunning, each bringing unique charm to your home.

Ficus Ruby

Photo by @renoplantmom & @plantlifenz

4. Ficus Shivereana Moonshine

In the fourth spot, we have the Ficus Shivereana Moonshine, a plant that shines brighter than the moon. Its creamy white base is adorned with green speckles, making it a standout among its family members. If you're seeking a Ficus with extra charm and uniqueness, the Moonshine is the one for you.

Ficus Shivereana Moonshine

Photo by @my_plant_haven & @houseplanted_

5. Ficus Robusta

Meet the Ficus Robusta, the Ficus variety that has placed fifth on our list. This species is enchanted with its thick, glossy leaves. The sturdy stems support high-gloss green leaves, giving the plant a picture-perfect appearance that almost looks unreal. This is the beauty of the Ficus Robusta, a plant that brings a touch of nature's perfection into your home.

Ficus Robusta

Photo by @ivan.l.e & @plantaeleaves

6. Ficus Marole

In our sixth spot, we have a Ficus variety that perfectly blends elegance and vibrancy: the Ficus Marole. With its braided stems and striking leaves, this plant stands out in any room. Its pointy leaves feature a cream-colored, uneven edge that beautifully contrasts with the fresh green center. And of course, that high gloss finish that the rubber trees are most famous for. The Ficus Marole is a true showstopper, adding a touch of natural beauty and sophistication to your home.

Ficus Marole

Photo by & @pippi.and.lola

7. Ficus Alii

Next, we have a Ficus family member who redefines any expectations you might have of the Ficus: the Ficus Alii. While it maintains the sturdy Ficus stem, its narrow, long, and pointy leaves give it a unique character and allure. This intriguing plant captivates the eye from every angle, adding an interesting touch to any space. With its distinctive look, the Ficus Alii is sure to become a conversation starter in your urban jungle.

Ficus Alii

Photo by @mandimakes & @urlocalplantboy

8. Ficus Benjamina

With only three spots left to fill, we couldn't leave out the Ficus Benjamina! Known for its small, dense leaves, this plant radiates a charming cuteness into any room. The leaves display an intriguing pattern, blending different shades of green that can mesmerize you upon closer inspection. While its old trusty Ficus stems bring back a sense of calmness in the overall picture. What a beauty!

Ficus Benjamina

Photo by @tatiananedelskaya & @packplants

9. Ficus Danielle

Meet the 9th-placed beauty, the Ficus Danielle. This stunning plant boasts a lush, full canopy that sparkles with a vibrant green gloss, instantly brightening any room. Its dense foliage creates a rich, plumptious look, adding depth and texture to your indoor space. And as you might expect by now, anchored by sturdy branches, providing a strong foundation that supports its magnificent display

Ficus Danielle

Photo by @fargeglad_kone & @ficus_love

10. Ficus Ginseng

Ending our list is the Ficus Ginseng, radiating peace and calmness with its bonsai-like appearance. Its thick stem forms a sturdy foundation for its health, adorned with tiny green glossy leaves that add an adorable charm. This compact and robust plant brings tranquillity and natural beauty to any space, perfect for bringing some zen into your home!

Ficus Ginseng.png

Photo by @obiwanthesiamese & @plants_andpaws

And with that, we've listed the most wanted Ficus varieties of 2024. What a beautiful plant family! From familiar members to those who redefine the typical Ficus image, there's so much diversity to admire. We hope we've inspired you to explore the world of Ficus plants, they truly have a lot to offer! If you decide to bring one into your home, we'd love to see it on Instagram. Feel free to tag us in any plant-related post so we can experience the beauty of plants with you! If not, we sincerely thank you for taking the time to read our blog and look forward to welcoming you back for our next one. Have an amazing day!


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July 08, 2024