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10 most wanted Alocasia varieties in 2024 - selected by our community

Alocasias are considered some of the most striking houseplants because of their spectacular foliage and beautiful appearance. There is so much variety that it can be hard to know which one to choose! Did you know that there are over 80 known Alocasia varieties? You can imagine that it made us wonder about the top 10 most wanted varieties of the so-called ‘Elephant Ears’.

We did some research and asked our community to help us out. We received many suggestions of a great diversity of varieties. Although they are all super beautiful, only some of them can be the most wanted. We proudly present the top 10 most wanted Alocasia plants, selected by our lovely PLNTScommunity!

1. Alocasia Frydek

Number one by far is the Alocasia Frydek. We totally get why PLNTSlovers are so attracted to her! The Alocasia Frydek is also called the Green Velvet Alocasia because of her velvety leaves. It can be easily identified by its beautiful white veins, which contrast against the deep green leaves and give the impression of glowing. She also has a variegated sister, which is also very popular with our community!

Alocasia Frydek

2. Alocasia Jacklyn

A nice runner up is the Alocasia Jacklyn. She has an astonishing leaf shape and is truly one of a kind. The fun thing about this plant is that she was only discovered a few years ago in southeast Asia (mostly Indonesia), which makes her a new discovery for many PLNTSlovers! This is probably why she scored very high in this list.

Alocasia Jacklyn

3. Alocasia Dragon Scale

As you know or will learn after this blog, there are a few ‘Dragons’ in the Alocasia family. The Alocasia Dragon Scale is a special and very exclusive type! As her name suggests, the beautiful leaves are reminiscent of the scales of a dragon. The pattern gives the leaves a fantastic 3D effect, you can keep looking at them! The Alocasia Dragon Scale is very popular among plant lovers. And we understand why!

Alocasia Dragon Scale

4. Alocasia Melo

Another beautiful Alocasia! The Alocasia Melo is a real beauty because of her greyish thick leaves and her prominent, textured veins. These veins create a kind of relief on the leaves, which make her absolutely gorgeous. New leaves will have a lighter green colour and mature leaves will darker throughout their growth.

Alocasia Melo

5. Alocasia Silver Dragon

Another ‘Dragon’ Alocasia is this pretty lady! The Alocasia Silver Dragon is such a special plant and, contrary to what her name might suggest, she certainly does not have a dragon-like temper. This beautiful houseplant stands out because of its beautiful broad-grained leaves, which are inlaid with a stunning matt metallic silver pattern.

Alocasia Silver Dragon

6. Alocasia Zebrina

The Alocasia Zebrina is a bit different then the others on the list. With her beautiful striped stem, which refers to a zebra, she is a feast for the eyes. For many animals in the Southeast Asian rainforest the leaves, which can reach a metre wide, offer a safe hiding place. Don’t worry, she won’t be getting that big indoors! Did you know that her sister, Alocasia Black Zebrina, looks just like her only has black stems? How cool is that?!

Alocasia Zebrina

7. Alocasia Azlanii

Isn’t this one of the most stunning Alocasia ever? We get why this beauty has won a spot in our top 10! With her pink-tinged veins and her almost metallic purple leaves, the Alocasia Azlanii is a very rare species, with spectacular leaves. Even the underside of the leaves have a beautiful red colour. She really is an eye-catcher!

Alocasia Azlanii

8. Alocasia Maharani

The Alocasia Maharani is commonly known as ‘Grey Dragon’. She has thick leathery leaves with a lot of texture. These leaves are a pretty dark grey colour. This plant is actually perfect if you're lacking some space inside your urban jungle. She is a dwarf type Alocasia, which makes her even more likeable. She is a rare Alocasia species that will be absolutely unique inside your urban jungle.

Alocasia Maharani

9. Alocasia Stingray

When you look closely, you can easily see why the Alocasia Stingray has gotten this name. It looks like a school of floating stingrays hovering above the pot! The Alocasia stingray is a unique member of the colourful Araceae family, and needs a lot of space to spread her leaves wide. Give her a nice spot in your home and she will grow into a happy houseplant!

Alocasia Stingray

10. Alocasia Regal Shield

Last, but definitely not least! The Alocasia Regal Shield. This beauty is also known as the Elephant Ear Regal Shields. It’s easy to understand why she’s earned herself the nickname of ‘Shield’: look at her beautiful dark green leaves! What’s also cool about this dark plant is that the bottom of its leaves are a gorgeous shade of deep purple! A true addition to your own indoor jungle.

Alocasia Regal Shield

And that’s it! The top 10 most wanted and popular Alocasia varieties, selected by our PLNTScommunity. Besides these beauties, we also have some great Alocasia's that didn't make the list like the Alocasia Black Velvet and Alocasia Dragon Scale. Make sure to check out all varieties and don’t forget to check out our Alocasia Care Guide, so you know how to take care of these pretty plants!


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December 05, 2022