15 essential tools for every plant parent
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15 essential tools for every plant parent

Every parent wants what’s best for their children. Same goes for your plantbabies, of course. Besides a little bit of love, water and a cute pot, there are a few things that you should keep on hand when you are taking care of your beloved PLNTS. Whether you’re already an expert plant parent or you are just starting to create your own green jungle, there are some indoor plant tools that will help you give your plants the best care!

1. PLNTS Magnifying Glass

A real essential to add to your plant care collection. This magnifying glass helps you check if your plant is really growing new leaves. 🤩 Besides that, you can also investigate your houseplant’s impurities to indicate what is bothering her! That is very important, because the quicker you know what’s wrong with your green friend, the quicker you can act! The magnifying glass enlarges up to 3 times and even has a little LED light.


2. Potting Shovel

A potting shovel is the ideal tool for a PLNTSparent that don’t want to get dirty hands. Besides that, it causes less mess when you are (re)potting your green beauty! This tool is also easy to use when mixing your own potting soil for example.

Potting shovel with plant

3. Self-watering Pot

This self-watering pot is the perfect tool for every PLNTSparents that (sometimes) give their plants too much or too little water! The name says it all: this pot waters your plants itself. The pot comes with a platter in which you can pour the water. The rope that is incorporated in the pot will make sure that your plants get watered gradually. ps. Also perfect when you are on holiday!


4. Plant Nutrition

Our 100% organic PLNTS Nutrition will keep your plants going strong, giving them the help they need to stay in tip-top condition. Plants in pots can survive without any extra nutrition or fertiliser, but a little bit extra plant food will stimulate your PLNTS new growth and will help her stay healthy! Want to know when you should fertilise your plants? Read all about plant nutrition on our blog and find the perfect nutrition schedule!

PLNTS nutrition small bottle

5. Water Meter

Who hasn’t had a hard time trying to keep their plants watered appropriately? This tool is perfect if you sometimes forget to give your plants water or keep giving your green friends a little bit too much! The water meter shows you whether your plant has had enough water or needs a little more. Insert the water meter vertically into the soil. The colour of the meter will turn blue when the plant has had enough water. When the colour turns white again, your houseplant is thirsty. Perfect tool, right?!

Watermeter in plant

6. Plant Support

Plants that love to climb especially love moss poles or plant stakes! Rather than letting their roots crawl around, a plant support gives them something to grow on. Some moss poles even provide your green beauties with moisture and nutrients, resulting in bigger leaves and even more beautiful plants! Our Squiggle, Pin, Arch and ZigZag plantstakes are not only super handy to let your plants grow, they are also very nice to look at!

7. Fungus Gnats Catchers

Spotting some black flies around your plant or the soil? Big chance that your plant is suffering from fungus gnats! Many plant lovers have to deal with them and besides being an annoying sight they can be harmful to your plants. A great way to prevent fungus gnats from breeding are Fungus Gnats Catchers. These sticky insect strips ensure that insects are attracted by the bright colour and then stick to it! This way the flies can no longer reproduce as they won’t be able to lay eggs in the soil anymore.

Plant with mourning flycathers

8. Edward Pruning Shears

Even though we love our plants very much, we can’t always prevent our beauties from getting yellow or brown leaves. Time to cut these off so the rest of your plant gets all the energy and nutrition she needs! Make sure that you always disinfect the blades of your pruning shears before using them. This prevents you from transferring plant diseases to other plants. Regular pruning shears are often a bit big. You might accidentally cut off too much of the plant or cut the wrong leaf what would be a shame of course. With this little one you can easily do the fine, precise work.

Pruning shears with plant

9. Clips and Binders

Clips and binders are the perfect solution for climbing plants with stubborn stems or leaves. With these clips and binders you can give your plant a helping hand, making sure the leaves will grow the right way! Attach the stems or leaves with our Ruby clips or Ruby binders to your plant support and give your plant the right direction for growing up in the sky!

10. PLNTS Measuring Cup

This plastic measuring cup, which goes up to 100ml, is ideal for measuring the right quantities. It is very handy when you are putting together your own potting soil mix, for example, but it can also be used to measure the amount of pure neem oil or PLNTS nutrition. A diverse tool to ensure that you never use too much or too little!

Measuring cup

11. Rooting Powder

All PLNTSlovers know how much fun it is to make little babies of your favourite plant by taking cuttings! After all, you can never have enough green beauties in your home, right? This rooting powder will make your cuttings root better, so let's boost those roots and let the growing begin!

Pokon rooting powder

12. Naomi Plant Sensor - Humidity and Fertility Meter

This Plant Sensor is a real ‘wanna have’ gadget for plantlovers. The Naomi Plant Sensor indicates your plants needs, like water, the amount of sunlight, nutrition value and more. This cool sensor works with an app on your smartphone. With a database of over 6.000 plants, the app knows the perfect conditions for your specific plant. How handy is this tool?!

Naomi plant sensor with phone

13. Plant Sprayers and Watering Cans

No matter what colour your thumb, you likely already know that all plants need water to reach their full potential. Luckily we have a great assortiment of watering cans in all kinds of styles, for example the Ancho Watering Can. How much water your plant needs, depends on your specific plant. Besides watering, you can also increase humidity using a plant sprayer. Most of our pretty plants require a high humidity, this is because they originally live under these humid circumstances. Therefore it is important to regularly mist your plant with a plant sprayer, for example our Elho Manny Plant Sprayer!

14. Terracotta Water Dripper

This handy terracotta water dripper is perfect to water potted plants! Place the irrigator in the soil next to the plant and fill a small bottle with water. Place the water upside down in the irrigator. Because terracotta is porous, it will gradually release water into the soil for the roots to absorb. This way, you will never give too much water!


15. Potting Mix

Do you consciously think about the substrate on which your plant stands? This is actually a very important subject for the ultimate growth of your plant. That is why we made four sets that contain the right substrates, but where you can really have the botanical experience yourself. We want to see those green fingers in action! Mix the perfect mix for your plants with one of our sets: Epiphytes mix, Aroids mix, Succulents mix and a Repotting mix!

Extra tip, get one of our kits to get the perfect combi deal!

PLNTSdoctor Kit

Everything you need to rescue or take care of your plants in one kit! The super handy PLNTSdoctor kit is filled with our PLNTS Neem Oil, Mourning Fly Catcher, PLNTS measuring cup and our PLNTS magnifying glass. This kit will turn you instantly into a real PLNTSdoctor. Still struggling with the correct diagnosis or treatment? Visit our PLNTSdoctor page!

PLNTSparent Kit

With the PLNTSparent Kit you have everything you need to become the best plant parent! With all these products together in a cute customised PLNTS bag your plants will live happily ever after! The bag is filled with PLNTS nutrition, rooting powder, clips and rings, pruning shears, water meter and a plant plug!

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