Aroids potting mix kit

Aroids potting mix kit



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Aroids potting mix kit ()
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Do you consciously think about the substrate on which your plant stands? This is actually a very important subject for the ultimate growth of your plant. That is why we would like to help you make the right choices for your beloved green friend(s).

Obviously, we understand that you like to test what is best for your plants. That is why we like to offer sets that contain the right substrates, but where you can really have the botanic experience yourself. We want to see those green fingers in action! Mix the perfect mix for your plants!

Aroids mix kit:

our Aroid mix kit consists of 5 different substrates. These substrates are carefully selected. Good to know is that we already have a good basic potting soil mix and based on that we have chosen the additives. Which in our opinion are perfect for Aroids (include many common houseplants like the Monstera, Philodendron, Syngonium and Alocasia)! We have chosen the following substrates:

1. Potting soil (1 litre): an organic potting soil is a good base to grow in. Potting soil works well as a basic substrate for a wide variety of houseplants.
2. Perlite (1 litre): ensures that the roots of your plant develop better and that the plant grows nicer and better. Perlite in your potting soil also ensures that the oxygen supply to the roots is stimulated and the grains add a drainage layer. This prevents your beauty's feet from getting too wet and thus prevents root rot.
3. Tree bark (1 litre): the material helps to maintain the humidity of the potting soil, but most of all it provides an airy structure. By adding bark to your potting soil, the plant has something to grab onto, which allows a lot of air into the soil and, over time, is digested by soil organisms, which in turn provide useful nutrients.
4. Coco fibre (1 litre): these resilient coco fibres ensure optimal soil ventilation. It thus provides an airy structure and transports water through the root system. Because coco fibres are completely organic, they also increase the organic content of the soil.
5. Active charcoal (60 grams): acts as a kind of moisture regulator in the soil. It also collects water-soluble nutrients that are very useful for plants. Furthermore, it helps hold the loose soil, improves its porosity and permeability and even absorbs toxins to protect the soil and roots from bacteria and fungi. Repelling some insects is its other superpower.

Do you wish your Aroids the absolute best? Then this mix kit is a real must!

One last tip: If you don't like dirty fingers, we also have a handy potting soil shovel in our shop.

This set includes: