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10 pretty pink houseplants to cheer up your home!

Are you a true PLNTSlover that prefers pink leaves over green? Then these plants will give your house the pink accents you’re looking for. Ranked from least expensive, to most expensive, with these plants you can transform your home into your own pink houseplant paradise!

Fittonia Pink Forest Flame (Nerve plant)

This cutie has beautiful pink veins on her bright green leaves. It almost looks like pink lightning! The leaves of this tiny Fittonia Pink Forest are small and oval shaped and pointy. Her stems are almost invisible, since her tiny leaves will cover them.

This pink nerve plant can be a little bit of a drama queen, but is overall quite easy to take care of. She prefers a spot in bright indirect light and thrives in moist soil and a higher humidity. When she’s thirsty, her leaves will droop, but as soon as you give her some water, she will plump up again.

This pink cutie is also perfect to live in a terrarium, which can also be turned into a fun DIY: How to make your own terrarium?


Photo by @begz.bagyo

Calathea Roseopicta Dottie

Calatheas are known as the beauties among houseplants when we talk about pretty foliage. The Roseopicta Dottie has beautiful leaves, with dark green tops with a fuchsia pink pattern. And the bottom of the leaf is deep purple in colour. This pink patterned beauty is a ‘living plant’ or a ‘prayer plant’, which means that her leaves fold up at night and will open again in the morning. So you can definitely enjoy her posing for you and see all the beautiful colors on her leaves.

Besides her pink beauty, she is also very beneficial for the air quality, and is totally safe to have around pets and children. If you don't mind putting in a little bit of effort to keep her happy, she’ll be an amazing addition to your pink urban jungle.

Syngonium Neon Robusta

If you prefer a softer tone of pink, this Syngonium Neon is your girl. She has arrow shaped soft pink leaves with bright green stems. She is a climbing plant, but when you are looking for hanging plants, she can also be a good option by letting her trail downwards.

This pink lady is also an air-purifying plant, which means that she improves the air quality inside of your house. But something important to consider before getting this pink arrow head is that she is toxic for your babies like pets and kids. You can keep your environment safe by putting her in a terrarium or on a high shelf.

Caladium Seafoam Pink

Are you ready for a very unique pink houseplant? This Caladium Seafoam Pink can be your new favourite! With her red veins, pink speckles and green outline she is really something special. What makes her even more special is that she grows from a tuber, the bigger the tuber, the more amazing leaves you will get. Every leaf that she will give you will be a one of a kind pink artwork. Are you curious how you can pot this Caladium tuber? You can read all about it in our blog.

Keeping her this beautiful might take you a lot of work, but you will be rewarded with these gorgeous pink leaves. Keep in mind Caladiums are actually very toxic to ingest and it is best to keep her away from your beloved pets and kids.


Photo by @nicoplants

Alocasia Pink Dragon

The Alocasia Pink Dragon is another unique pink houseplant with beautiful pink stems. Her arrow-shaped leaves are dark green and have silvery veins that make her shine like no other. She is easy to take care of and is also beneficial for air quality. She loves an area with partial shade and prefers medium humidity. This pink beauty is toxic for your furry friends and children, so make sure to keep them safe.

Ficus Tineke (Variegated Rubber tree)

The Ficus Tineke is a tree-like houseplant. She is also called ‘variegated rubber tree’ because the juices from her leaves were once used to make rubber. The Ficus Tineke has gorgeous leaves with pink veins, green insides and white to pink outlines. Her leaves are ‘ovate’ shaped and have a glossy look.

She is easy to care for, so this is a great plant if you are a plant beginner, but keep in mind that she is toxic for our beloved furry friends and babies.

Aglaonema Pink Princess

The Aglaonema Pink Princess is a stunning pink houseplant. She has green outlines that speckle inwards to bright pink. Her stems are white, just like the veins on her leaves. She certainly lives up to her name as she’s one of the brightest pink princesses out there.

This bright Pink Princess is very easy to care for, and will even do well in the darker areas in your house. Placing her in a darker area will have an impact on the colour of her leaves. So make sure to keep that in mind if you want to keep those pretty colours.

Calathea Triostar

Are you dreaming of leaves with different shades of pink and green? This beauty has everything to make your dreams come true! The Calathea Triostar has leaves with bright pink, soft pink, dark green and soft green. The shape of the leaves are long and pointy. Just like her cousin the Calathea Dottie, she is a ‘living plant’ or ‘prayer plant’. This means that she’ll show you the full beauty of her leaves by posing differently for you day to night. She is easy to care for, air purifying and absolutely safe for your furry friends.

Syngonium Pink Splash

This stunning arrowhead has bright green leaves with pink splashes on them. These pink ‘variegation’ come in all different amounts, which means that some leaves will have more green, but others will have more pink, or will even be completely pink! Her leaves are arrow shaped and her stems are bright green. The Syngonium Pink Splash is naturally a climber, but she doesn’t mind if you let her hang either. A fast grower and easy to care for, what more do you want?


Photo by @m.m_plante_

Philodendron Pink Princess (Blushing Philodendron)

This pink plant is a real royalty, because the Philodendron Pink Princess is a rare pink houseplant. She has dark green leaves with stunning pink variegation. This means her leaves pop out due to her different patterns and amounts of pink. Her leaves are wide and pointy and she has beautiful red stems. A pink princess with a capital letter P, a true piece of pink artwork!

She loves bright to indirect light, well draining soil, medium humidity and moist soil. Caring for a royalty was never this easy before. But be careful, because this princess is toxic for our furry friends and babies, so it’s best to really place this royal on a throne.

Are you looking for more pink to add? We have your back! Combine your pink houseplant together with one of our pink pots like the Lisa pot or the Rosie Speckled in blush and brick. These pots will definitely make sure that you elevate your pink paradise to the next level.


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February 11, 2022