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La pianta di Maranta è bella per il disegno e i colori delle sue foglie. Tutte le specie di Maranta hanno un disegno fogliare diverso. Vorremmo tutte le Maranta per una collezione perfetta. Per saperne di più su questa straordinaria famiglia di piante, leggete qui.

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Maranta (Prayer plant) varieties for sale

There are many varieties of praying plants, but by far the best known is the tricolour variation that can be bought in many garden centres. Maranta plants and Calathea plants are so closely related that it is not uncommon for them to be wrongly labelled. Within the genus Maranta, a few species are the most common:

Maranta Leuconeura Erythrophylla: This tri-coloured ornamental plant, also known as herringbone plant, is the most common variety and has striking pink/red veins.

Maranta Leuconeura Kerchoveana: This variety, also known as Rabbit's Tracks, has light grayish green leaves with two rows of darker spots between the veins.

Maranta Leuconeura Massangeana: This variety has a darker leaf background with silvery spots along the midrib and white leaf veins.

The beautiful Maranta that you can find at is the Maranta Kerchoveana Variegated. This is perhaps the most striking Maranta. It has beautiful green leaves with a striking brown/copper block pattern. Maranta Leuconeura Kerchoveana Variegata has, as the name already says, variegata in the leaves. The variegata is unique in every leaf. Really something special!

Maranta care

So the Maranta is originally a tropical plant. If you bring her into your home you will have to try to imitate the natural conditions as much as possible. In our PLNTSdoctor page about the Maranta you can read all about the care of this beautiful plant. If you take good care of it, your Maranta can even live up to 30 years!

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Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!