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Chi non ama una buona tazza di caffè? La stessa pianta che fornisce i chicchi per la vostra tazza di caffè mattutina è anche una bellissima pianta da appartamento! Oltre a essere bella, questa pianta è facilissima da curare ed è un'ottima aggiunta a ogni casa.

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Coffea (Coffee Plant) varieties for sale

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? The same plant that provides the beans for your morning cup of coffee is also a beautiful houseplant!

The genus Coffea actually consists of about 120 species and varieties of coffee plants. The Coffea Arabica is the most famous one, which comes originally from Ethiopa and South Sudan. Most of the coffee farmed and consumed in the world comes from this plant and besides the good coffee-making skills, this plant is also perfect as a houseplant!

Are you a beginning PLNTSparent who doesn’t want to take cuttings but still wants to raise their own little plant? Then our Arabica seeds or Arabica seed kit is the perfect way to start! With these seeds you will learn how to grow your own Coffea plant in no time.

Coffea care

Taking care of a Coffea plant is super easy. Under the right circumstances, a Coffea plant will eventually produce small white flowers. The best spot for your Coffea is a spot that has bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight can be harmful to your plant. If you see some brown spots on the leaves it can be a sign that your plant is getting too much sun. The soil of the Coffea plant needs to stay moist but not soaking: you can check the soil with your finger to make sure you are not overwatering your plant. Besides that, she loves high humidity so a misting session every once in a while will make her happy!

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Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!