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    Our BabyPLNTS Trio Starter Kit is especially made for a new plant parent and will get you all set up for the ultimate plant parent experience! The plants we have selected are easy to care for and this starter kit contains everything you need to help these three beautiful baby plants grow into happy, healthy houseplants. Your first baby is the Asparagus Fern, a great beginner plant that hails all the way from Africa. It may come as a surprise when you look at her, but this lady is closely related to the asparagus we eat as a vegetable! The baby fern has fine, trailing branches that are covered with thin leaves, giving her a bushy look. This evergreen cutie is soft to the touch, grows fast and demands little care. The second baby plant is the Platycerium alcicorne, a type of fern with long leaves that resemble the antlers of a deer. That’s why she’s nicknamed the ‘Staghorn Fern’. Unlike most other ferns, this cutie loves light, perhaps because she originally hails from sunny Australia! Her leaves have a soft, hair-like covering, which helps your baby to retain moisture and to dry out less quickly, making this hardy little houseplant ideal for first time plant parents. Your third baby is the Pilea peperomioides, also called the pancake plant, UFO plant or Chinese money plant. This little sweetheart originally comes from China and is a member of the nettle family. She is famous for her cute coin-shaped leaves and is very popular among plant parents. This lady is easy to care for and has great air-purifying abilities, but she also grows fast and multiplies quickly, so if you repot those tiny newborns, you can quickly grow a whole family! We can well imagine that you can’t wait to take care of these baby plants! This BabyPLNTS starter kit includes 3 baby plants, 3 9cm pots with saucers, 1 litre of potting soil, a bottle of plant nutrition and 3 water meters.
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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!