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Top 5 unique plants with a meaning that make the perfect gift for plant lovers!

The Holiday season and therefore ‘the season of giving’ is about to start and we all know what that means: the impossible search for the perfect present for our loved ones. We know that gift shopping for anyone can be really hard, especially during the holiday season, where you will be overwhelmed with Christmas offers and other three-in-a-dozen gifts. So to make things a little easier, we’ve created a list of symbolic plants said to attract love, wealth, health and happiness, which should make it easier than ever to select a meaningful gift for the Holidays.

1. Aloë Vera

Let’s start this list with the Aloë Vera plant. Besides being super-easy to grow and packed with health benefits, they’re also said to bring good fortune. In South Africa, people hang Aloë Vera plants above the entrances of homes for luck. Fun version of a mistletoe, right?

2. Nephrolepis Green Fantasy

This playful little fern is said to symbolise happiness, and we can see why. The cute curled, light green leaves of the Nephrolepis Green Fantasy make this plant the perfect addition to any urban jungle. She likes a warm and humid environment, so she will love a nice spot in a terrarium. And let a terrarium also be the perfect gift for under the tree!

3. Pilea Peperomioides

This Pilea goes by many names. UFO Plant, Pancake Plant and also Chinese Money Plant. Therefore, it is said that this cute plant brings wealth, money and abundance to its owner. Besides the ‘original’ [Pilea Peperomioides[(/product/pilea-peperomioides), we also have three cool varieties: Pilea Peperomioides White Splash, Pilea Peperomioides Mojito, Pilea Peperomioides Sugar. Talking about abundance, right?!

4. Ficus Robusta

Looking for a bigger gift for your plant-loving, special someone? The Ficus Robusta is the ideal plant for busy plant parents. This tough lady is very low demanding, doesn’t require much water and grows well in lower light conditions. Better still, though? Well, the big broad leaves of this houseplant are said to symbolise wealth. Win!

5. Spathiphyllum Diamond Variegata

We all know: diamonds are a girl's best friend! Jokes aside, the beautiful Spathiphyllum Diamond Variegata is the perfect gift. Despite being a rarity, this houseplant is easy to care for. She is completely happy with a spot in the shade, partial shade or indirect light. Some believe that these plants serve as a reminder of peace in their owner’s life, hence her nickname Peace Lily.

And that’s our top 5 symbolic indoor plants that will make the perfect gift for all plant lovers! How fun is it to look at plants in a different way? Did you know that plants can have special meanings or do you know more plants with a special meaning? Let us know, so we can add them to this special list!


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November 04, 2022
Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!