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Palm Coconut

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    about this plant
    The Cocos Nucifera, better known as “Coconut Palm”, is a green houseplant that is part of, you guessed it, the palm family! This tropical beauty is extra special since the plant grows directly from a coconut. Despite not having many leaves, the Coconut Palm still scores well at filtering the air. This is because palms are naturally very adept air filterers.
    • diameter21cm
    • height±85cm
    • lovessunny spots
    • benefitsair cleaner
    • pet friendlynon-toxic
    The Coconut Palms enjoys a bright spot without direct sunlight. The plant also doesn’t like receiving too much water, so make sure to keep its soil moist without overwatering it! Watering the plant just once a week is often already sufficient. During spring and summer you can give your plant some nutrition to help it grow well. During fall and winter this isn’t necessary as the Coconut Palm doesn’t grow much during this time. Instead the nutrients will pile up in the soil which can damage the roots. If you find that your Coconut Palm’s leaves are getting brown tips, it means that either the air humidity is too low or the plant is suffering from draught. Misting your plant every now and then can help prevent this. The Coconut palms enjoys temperatures between 15 up to 35 degrees, during summer you can even put your Coconut Palm outside!
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    Nicola Pragnell - 12 April 2022
    Required a huge box for its height only downside was Evri kept it over the weekend as they needed a special courier for the size. But plant is happy and healthy
    Sissi Li - 23 April 2021
    This one actually arrived with the tallest packing. It’s not the biggest plant among the ones I bought but they really packed it perfectly. All 3 big plants I got are just as seen in the photos, true and pretty. For a new plant lover hope to see some care points here as well. Thx!
    mozbuck - 14 December 2020
    What a stylish plant! The height is sort of too short for putting it in the corner and too tall to be on the plant stand. But it's especially nice in a raised pot or on a low plant stand with other medium sized plants. I got this one with Orbifolia and they go really well together. Very happy with the purchase.

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    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!