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Extra large houseplants

Fill a large room with an extra large showpiece! With a few large green beauties you will create your own green jungle in no time. Expand your collection by combining your extra large houseplant with different types and sizes of houseplants. Would you like to give your jungle a playful touch? Use plant tables and hanging pots to create more depth in your interior.

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Types of extra large houseplants

For a real eye-catcher in your home, go for an extra-large houseplant! Houseplants are increasingly being incorporated into interiors, and extra-large plants are a real trend. By choosing an extra large houseplant, you can fill every empty corner of your room. Put them together in a group and choose different sizes to create a green oasis in your interior. Of course, light and location also have to be taken into account with extra-large plants. Fortunately, there is a suitable plant for every spot!

Extra-large plants for a light spot

The location of a plant has a major influence. Do you have a sunny spot by the window or a dark corner which you want to brighten up? Tropical plants are perfect for places with lots of light. Always make sure that large plants do not stand in full sunlight. Musa Dwarf Cavendish and Caryota Mitis are perfect plants for a bright spot. The latter is also known as the Fishtail Palm and originates from Southeast Asia. This beautiful palm plant likes a lot of water and warmth and belongs to the category of large growers! It is therefore best to put it in a pot to grow in, for example the Penny Pot XL.

Extra large plants for a semi-shaded spot

Are you looking for a plant with a little more body and growth potential to fill a semi-shaded spot? Then the Calathea Medallion and the Alocasia Frydek are perfect choices! The Calathea Veitchiana 'Medallion' has a special appearance with its multi-coloured leaves and beautiful deep purple underside. During the day its leaves are open, but at nightfall it closes itself off more and the deep purple colour under the leaves becomes more visible. The Calathea Medaillon likes to take up space and does not need much light. The Calathea Medaillon is air purifying and safe for children and animals. Perfect for every household!

Extra large plants for a shady spot

We understand that the large leaves and green tones of extra large houseplants make the heart of every plant lover beat faster. Looking for a large beauty for a shady spot in your home? The nickname of the Calathea Orbifolia is also 'shadow plant'. It originates from a tropical area where it stood in the shadow of tall plants. At home, it does very well in a shady spot. Give it a little water once or twice a week so that the soil always feels moist and it will make your room shine with its beauty.

The most beautiful extra-large houseplants

Extra large houseplants are an eye-catcher in every room. Do you have a living room, bathroom or study with a high ceiling and enough space? Let one of our extra large beauties shine in your room! They are not only incredibly decorative and cosy, but also super functional! They improve the air quality in your home and provide fine humidity. Looking for a real eye-catcher for your (living) room? We have listed our top 3 extra large houseplants and all their qualities for you.

Calathea Triostar

The colourful Calathea Triostar has a beautiful appearance. It is also called the 'Living Plant'. During the day it closes its leaves when there is a lot of light and opens again when there is less light. It likes to take up space and with the right care this extra large houseplant will continue to grow! The Calathea Triostar is a plant that will do very well in the darker parts of your house, so keep it away from a lot of light to make it happiest.

Alocasia Zebrina

The tropical Alocasia Zebrina owes its name to the stem with a special zebra print and originally comes from Asia. This plant species can mainly be found in India. The beautiful green leaves are also characteristic of Alocasia Zebrina. With this beauty, you are not bringing just a plant into your home, but a beautiful art object. Water the Zebrina a little more often and make sure that the soil is always slightly moist.

Strelitzia Nicolai

A mega-trend when it comes to interiors. The Strelitzia Nicolai is an extra large houseplant that with its tropical look brightens up many an interior. It is also known by its pet name of 'Bird of Paradise Plant'. It comes from South Africa where it is used to a sunny position. It likes a little water, so make sure you keep the soil slightly moist. This plant also has air purifying powers. Beauty and brains!

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!