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Most wanted Aglaonema varieties in 2024

In this blog, we delve into another fascinating plant family within the realm of aroids, celebrated for their effortless maintenance and captivating patterns. Many plant enthusiasts likely have one of these thriving in their homes, perhaps without fully grasping its botanical identity. Enter the Aglaonema, commonly recognized as the Chinese Evergreen. While boasting approximately 55 species, only some of them are commonly cultivated as indoor plants. Join us as we explore the most sought-after Aglaonema varieties of 2024. If you're ready to immerse yourself in stunning foliage, let's go on this journey!

Aglaonema Crete Flame

Topping our most wanted list is the fiery Aglaonema Crete Flame, renowned for its vibrant red outer edges, speckled green centre, and pink petioles. Resembling genuine flames, its foliage only enhances the charm of this Aglaonema variety. And fear not, this captivating beauty is as low-maintenance as it is stunning. If you've been searching for a standout addition to your urban jungle, look no further—you may have just found your perfect match!

Aglaonema Crete Flame.jpg

Photo by @berlinaroids & @lubie.badyle

Aglaonema Chocolate

Truly a masterpiece of nature, this Aglaonema is a living work of art. Its allure lies in a variety of stunning features, a distinctive striped pattern, a seamless blend of soft and dark greens, and hints of orange— and that's just on the upper side of its leaves! Flip it over, and you're greeted with a vibrant red underside, with equally mesmerising stripes. Everything goes so well together, creating a calm overall look, despite its range of striking features. It's no wonder this specimen secures its place as the runner-up on our list of most sought-after Aglaonema varieties.

Aglaonema Chocolate.jpg

Photo by @greenhousegirl94 & @aglaonema.etc

Aglaonema Pink Moon

Next up on our most wanted list of Chinese Evergreens is the enchanting Aglaonema Pink Moon. With its calm green base, pink midrib, and pink to cream dots, this variety raditas an never ending charm of a botanical fairy tale. Yet, rest assured, its enchantment is very much grounded in reality, ready to infuse any interior with its magical allure. What a captivating beauty!

Aglaonema Pink Moon.jpg

Photo by @seemyplanties & @goodasplants.etc

Aglaonema White Joy

Spreading grace and sophistication, the Aglaonema White Joy embodies an understated elegance. True to its name, its pristine white leaves are delicately embellished with subtle green speckles along the outer edges, while its stems maintain fully green, further enhancing its allure. Just like its name says, this Chinese Evergreen will spread joy within any plant collection!

Aglaonema White Joy.jpg

Photo by @laurasplant.s & @domov_rostlin

Aglaonema Arctic Lime

Radiating brightness and cheer, the Aglaonema Arctic Lime effortlessly makes the darkest spot into a colourful one! With its captivating blend of white, lime, and green, mostly showcasing the refreshing tones of white and lime, this plant exudes radiance from every angle. Every leaf will be its own little masterpiece, making the entire plant a visual delight that never fails to captivate the eye!

Aglaonema Arctic Lime.jpg

Photo by @youcantellimaplantaddict & @bbombelll_plants

Aglaonema Silver Bay

Behold the graceful allure of this silvery Chinese Evergreen, the Aglaonema Silver Bay! Adorned predominantly in a luxurious silver, its leaves are also delicately accented with gently dabbed green stripes along the outer edges, making it look so soft and sweet. Balancing this exquisite display, the backsides of the leaves and the petioles boast a soothing green, ensuring that all attention is drawn to the luxurious silver topside. Envision the beauty this Chinese Evergreen would bring to your urban jungle—truly a sight to behold!

Aglaonema Silver Bay.jpg

Photo by @chicagogardener & @plantaediary

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor

If you're a fan of camouflage print, prepare to be mesmerised by the Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor! Securing the 7th spot on our list, this beauty showcases a blend of three shades of green adorning its leaves in a striking camouflage-like pattern. What sets this variety apart is its unique and unparalleled pattern, no other Chinese Evergreen boasts such an extraordinary display. Witnessing its distinctive charm is an experience that's truly one of a kind.

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor.jpg

Photo by @jnn_plantstagram & @my_plant_haven

Aglaonema Ivy Green

Resembling a masterpiece, behold the Aglaonema Ivy Green, a botanical wonder that secures the 8th position on our list, thanks to its enchanting pattern. What sets this beauty apart is its captivating stripes, without seeing any harsh lines on the leaves, creating a mesmerising effect that intensifies the closer you come to the plant. Complementing these enchanting looks are the white stems, adding a touch of elegance that elevates its overall stunning appearance. Truly, a sight to behold and admire!

Aglaonema Ivy Green.jpg

Photo by @laflemmardejungle & @e.cukierman

Aglaonema Pink Princess

Meet the delightful pretty pink princess of our list, the Aglaonema Pink Princess, claiming the 9th spot with undeniable charm that is as stunning as its higher-ranking family members. After all, who can resist a hint of pink? Its soft pink leaves are very elegant, the outer edge shows some speckles of green and white, enhancing the pink's radiant appeal throughout the foliage. These leaves are held up by green stems, making this Chinese Evergreen a vision of loveliness that's impossible to overlook.

Aglaonema Pink Princess.jpg

Photo by @reya_plants & @marjorie_frst

Aglaonema Prosperity

Wrapping up our list with yet another splash of pink, we present the Aglaonema Prosperity, rounding out the lineup with its own unique charm. Similar to the Pink Princess but with a twist, this variety has a predominantly pink outer edge adorned with an abundance of green specks throughout the leaves. Adding to its playful appeal, the stems of the Aglaonema Prosperity are also pink, creating a whimsical and delightful aesthetic. If you're seeking pink foliage with a touch of eccentricity, look no further, this Chinese Evergreen has everything you desire!

Aglaonema Prosperity.jpg

Photo by @floranyn & @peace_love_and_plants

And with that, we've showcased a range of stunning Chinese Evergreen foliage! Do you have a favourite among them? Or perhaps you're growing an Aglaonema at home and would like to share it with us? We'd love to see your green companions on Instagram. Feel free to tag us with #PLNTS, so we can admire the beauties thriving under your care. If you're craving more botanical inspiration, be sure to explore our other top 10 plant selections. Otherwise, we wish you a fantastic day and would love to see you in our next blog, bye!


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21 May 2024