Become a sustainable PLNTSparent in 2024!

As the world around us is evolving, we as PLNTSparents can also contribute to sustainable changes. Not only will this reduce the impact you have as a PLNTSparent, but it is also quite fun and might even save you some money. So if you are curious about our sustainability tips for your PLNTS journey, keep on reading!


As some of us have a thriving collection of sometimes 100 or more plants, we can need lots of water from time to time. By collecting rainwater, you not only are providing your plant with better quality water, without any added chemicals but will also save money on your water bill. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

You can also reuse water that you would have thrown away otherwise. Think of water that a dehumidifier might collect. Some people even use the condensed water from their tumble dryer. If you are still determining if the water is proper for your plants, you can always check the PH level with testing strips. Otherwise, there are lots of other ways to reuse this water, you can let your creative side shine on this topic. :)

Sustainable tips for watering your plants

PLNTS geek fact! Do you have an aquarium in your house? You might want to save up this water when you are cleaning the tank. This water is actually great for your plants, as it contains nutrients for them to thrive from.

Propagate those beauties!

Another sustainable thing you can do is propagate your plants. You will be able to have lots of fun with nurturing those cuttings to full-grown plants and also can cover your urban jungle in more greenery without spending money. You can even decide to trade your cuttings with other PLNTSlovers to broaden your collection. There are lots of Facebook groups for cutting trades, which might even be a good way to find new friends with the same green passion. This will also make sure you can save up for that one wishlist plant you were longing for. ;)

Propagate your houseplants.jpg

Go thrift shopping for pots

You would be surprised how many cool plant pots can be found at thrift stores. Even if you don’t like the design, you can use these pots in your own fun little DIY paint project. This will make sure that plant pots are reused and make also a fun day of hunting for you! You might even find lots of glassworks that is more than suitable for your propagation, so more than enough to work with!


Most plants still come in plastic nursery pots. Even though this is recycled plastic most of the time, you can reuse them as well. Nursery pots have holes in the bottom, which allows excess water to drain from the soil, which reduces the change of root rot. Planting your plants in a nursery pot will help you maintain its health due to this reason. If your plant has outgrown this nursery pot, you can keep it safe, it might be the perfect fit for the next plant in need of repotting.

Reuse plant pots

If you still prefer other materials you can always recycle your plastic pots and swap them for biodegradable plant pots. Just keep in mind that these will last you a shorter time frame.

Adopt plants with a beauty mark

Plants with a crispy leaf or other problems have a bigger chance of ending up in the garbage and that is just a sad thought. You might be able to adopt these green friends for a smaller price and save them from such a tragic ending.

Plant with beauty mark

We also have our sustainable PLNTS box available from time to time, with plants that we don’t want to sell for full price, but still deserve to be loved and taken care of in someone’s urban jungle!

Invest in a reusable substrate

As plants naturally grow in soil, we as PLNTSparents have managed to become substrate wizards and provide our plants with the coziest substrate mixes they can wish for. But there is one substrate that will last you for years and can even be reused. Pon is made of mineral rocks and contains no harmful substances. It is suitable for all types of plants and will reduce pests because there is no soil present. The only downfall is that it is more expensive than regular soil, but might save you money over the long run.

Pon as a plant substrate

Those were our tips for becoming a sustainable PLNTSparent in 2024! Are you already using one of these? or do you have additional tips that you would like to share? Feel free to reach out to us, we are keen on hearing what your thoughts are!

We as PLNTS always strive to become more sustainable, are you curious about what we are doing to reduce our impact? You should check out this page.


Carlijn is probably one of the biggest plant geeks ever. She is always on the lookout for new gems and loves to share all her plant knowledge, tips and inspiration with our community!

12 February 2024
Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!