Alocasia Zebrina

Elephant Ear

Alocasia Zebrina

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    about this plant
    The Alocasia zebrina is the princess of the plant savannah. With her beautiful striped stem, which refers to a zebra, she is a feast for the eyes. In natural settings her leaves become so large they’re said to resemble an elephant's ear. For many animals in the Southeast Asian rainforest the leaves, which can reach a metre wide, offer a safe hiding place. This is a truly beautiful large houseplant which will reward good care by impressing all your guests.
    • diameter19cm
    • height±75cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • care leveleasy
    • benefitsair cleaner
    The Alocasia Zebrina don’t like dryness at the roots, but too much water will cause the roots to rot. Unlike conventional house plant watering wisdom the best approach is to water little but often. Tip: Use a pot with a drainage hole so any excess water can easily escape.
    Zuzana Schmidtova - August 12, 2022
    Absolutely stunning!
    Marta Boccalatte - April 22, 2022
    Bellissima !!!!
    maripoubel - April 26, 2021
    My fav new plant. The most beautiful from the order. Healthy and stunning. Small leaves are dying, but two huge new leaves were born
    Sissi Li - April 23, 2021
    Such a beautiful plant. Arrived in perfect condition!! Super well packed. Unwrapping then is a pleasure. It’s been. Couple of weeks now, they are looking strong. Arrived with some yellowish on the tip of a few leaves, that’s normal I think. I’m just scared of not taking good care of them - hoping to have a more detailed care suggestions! :)
    Sarah O Keeffe - January 28, 2021
    Beautiful plant but smaller than what is pictured in the photo, only 4 leaves on the plant I received.
    Cristina Reguant Parellada - January 15, 2021
    I bought it as a present for a friend. My friend loved it so much that she bought two more for her family as Christmas presents. Maybe I should get myself one too, they are wonderful and easy to keep.
    Leila Artigala - September 12, 2020
    Stunning and just huge, it's also a very strong plant and I was really surprised by her size as the price is quite low.

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    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!