Zebrina Alocasia
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    about this plant

    Die Alocasia Zebrina (Baby) ist die Prinzessin der Pflanzen-Savanne. Mit ihrem schönen gestreiften Stiel, der an ein Zebra erinnert, ist sie eine echte Augenweide. In der Natur werden ihre Blätter so groß, dass sie mit Elefantenohren verglichen werden. Für viele Tiere in den südostasiatischen Regenwäldern bieten die Blätter der Alocasia Zebrina, die manchmal bis zu 100 Zentimeter groß werden können, einen sicheren Zufluchtsort. Mit deiner Pflege wächst sie zu einer wunderschönen Zimmerpflanze heran, für die du viele Ooooohs und Aaaaahs ernten wirst.

    • diameter4cm
    • height±20cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    Die Alocasia Zebrina (Baby) mag keine nassen Füße, gib ihr also lieber mehrmals pro Woche einen kleinen Schluck Wasser. Pass auf, dass das Substrat nicht zu nass wird, sonst können die Wurzeln der Baby Alocasia Zebrina faulen. Wenn braune Ränder an den Blättern auftreten, wird es Zeit, sie umzutopfen. Am besten stellst du dieses Baby an einen hellen Ort, aber nicht in die direkte Sonne. Wenn du die Alocasia Zebrina (Baby) zu sehr gießt, entstehen kleine Tropfen an den Blättern. Sei vorsichtig, denn das kann Flecken auf deinem Holzfußboden oder Tisch geben.
    Juliana Aalderink - 05. März 2022
    The little baby arrived with one dying leaf and one uncurled. Sadly it didn't recover after all efforts. Got a refund though.
    Sonia - 25. November 2021
    En menos de una semana llegó a España en perfectas condiciones, con dos hojas y una en camino que en una semanita ya estaba desplegada del todo; el servicio está muy bien, sin duda repetiré.
    Maria Ibanez Sabate - 15. April 2021
    I received a plant with 2 leaves, both healthy.
    Jasmin Großhans - 25. Februar 2021
    It arrived with three leaves. The little one died soon. We got them, I think in November. Also my cat bite into the biggest leave... Now, in February 2021 I think there's a new leave coming up. Should be fine, I heard alocasia normally rest during winter.
    Elen - 16. November 2020
    Such a pretty plant. Came with 3 leaves and at first looked a little sad, but a bit of water and light fixed it :) Beautiful healthy roots (except they grew through the plastic wrapping so I hope it can decmpose in time)
    Rieksma - 14. November 2020
    Came with 3 leaves but unfortunately 1 broke during transit. That being said; the plant is super healthy and already growing a new leaf after arriving 3 days ago. I’m very happy indeed
    Stacey Henry - 13. November 2020
    Looked a little wilted when it arrived, but this was early into the lock down, so there were delays with delivery. (I have made orders since and they have arrived in the UK, within around 3 days) Quickly perked up, and has since become my favourite plant. Is strong and healthy.
    Gwynoe - 08. November 2020
    came a bit shocked but survived
    Elisabelle Gerard - 19. Oktober 2020
    Livraison ultra rapide en france. Super mignone petite plante
    Jana Schöppe - 18. Oktober 2020
    Loving this little plant. It came with 3 leafs, one was curled, but it has uncurled itself after a week.
    Samuel Turner - 17. Oktober 2020
    The plant itself arrived fairly quickly and well packaged with 2 young plants. I proceeded to use some brand new potting mixture and potted them. I have not had a new plant in my room or foreign soil for at least a month before these arrived and the windows are rarely opened and are far from where the plants are kept. A week in, the plants began to decline and one of each of their leaves/stems started to decline. Upon checking, there were fungus gnats in the soil. These were only found in the new plants from PLNTS and nowhere else. It has been 3 weeks now. The gnats spread to 4 other plants and of my smaller plants. While I managed to kill them using insecticide spray on the other 4 larger plants, they managed to kill the smaller 2 through root rot (ie; eating wet roots). The two alocasia babies are very much struggling and the gnats are proving extremely hard to get rid of. One of the alocasias has died from root consumption and the other is losing its second to last leaf/stem with only the main stem remaining as green as it was when it arrived. I have alocasias before, and this decline in the plants is almost certainly down to the gnats which almost definitely seem to have arrived with the package. I'm really upset because of course it isn't just that I loved these alocasia babies and was excited to grow them, but that this unfortunate spell of bad luck has also killed a couple of my other plants. I'll definitely be ordering from PLNTS again in future as I'm sure it was just bad luck, and I'll be sure to be more cautious with new plants arriving in my space.
    alison rampelotto - 16. Oktober 2020
    arrived in great condition. beautiful
    Melanie Sukič - 15. Oktober 2020
    It arrived in excellent condition
    alexandra - 23. September 2020
    Arrived in perfect condition, mine has 3 leaves. First it looked little bit sad, but watering helped a lot. It is such a cute plant!
    LindaFuskova - 08. September 2020
    plant looks exactly like on the picture. The size is nice and 3 healthy leafs. The only thing the plant is not standing but point down so hopefully it will recover soon
    Cheryl McGuigan - 01. September 2020
    Arrived well packaged and with three stems. However the smallest stem was broken upon opening but the remaining two stems have straightened and leaves have opened well, overall a very healthy plant
    Anca Dragoe - 23. August 2020
    It arrived in excellent condition!!
    vremedios77 - 23. August 2020
    Beautiful and healthy plant. And already giving out a new leaf. Will definitely busy again from this seller.
    Jhoanna Lindgren - 18. August 2020
    Really beautiful plant, sadly we had trouble with the delivery parcel and this one came really sad, still struggling. Emma offered refund, thanks.
    Veronica Dan - 07. August 2020
    This baby arrived extremely safe and now, after 2 months is already twice and looking stunning!! ❤️

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