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Questa famiglia è nota per il suo splendido fogliame ed è amata da molti per il suo aspetto magnifico! È anche conosciuta come la "pianta maiuscola".

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Ctenanthe varieties for sale

The Ctenanthe family is known for their beautiful foliage and are loved by many because of how gorgeous they look! Ctenanthe has around 15 species, and all of them have beautiful foliage. One that is definitely worth to highlight is The Ctenanthe Burle Marxii has green dramatically patterned leaves with purple bottoms and is absolutely stunning to look at! The Ctenante Amagris has a green striped top and a beautiful purple bottom.

Ctenanthe care

Ctenanthe can be more on the delicate side, so caring for them could be more challenging. Since they are native to the tropics, they really appreciate a higher humid environment. She will also thrive in medium to bright indirect light, but is sensitive to sunburn. Be aware that when you place your Ctenanthe in a darker spot, her foliage will change to a darker green colour. Ctenanthe loves to have moist soil, so water whenever the top of the soil feels dry. The amount of watering per week varies on how much light she gets, so keep checking on her reguarly and give her a sip when the soil feels dry.

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Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!