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La Begonia è un genere della famiglia delle Begoniaceae ed è molto popolare! Pensiamo che la Begonia sia così popolare per le sue diverse, bellissime e uniche forme, la più famosa delle quali è la Begonia Angel Wing/Polka Dot. C'è una Begonia per tutti!

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Begonia varieties for sale

With an impressive number of over 1600 species and almost as many hybrids, the Begonia Family is certainly a diverse one. Begonias can be categorized into four types: Fibrous, Tuberous, Canes and Rhizomatour.

Fibrous and Tuberous: the fibrous begonias, also known as wax begonias, and the tuberous varieties are often grown in garden beds. They can also have small flowers and are generally selected for their flowers rather than their foliage. The Begonia Semperflorens or Begonia Dragon Wing is a good example.

Cane Begonias: popularly known as Angel Wing begonias or Polka dot begonias, for example Begonia Maculata, Begonia Tamaya and the Begonia Corallina. They have long, almost bamboo-like stems and slender drop- and wing-shaped leaves that point downwards. They may have clusters of small white, pink or red flowers, but the real stars are the leaves, which come in various colours and are often speckled with silver.

Rhizomatous: the rhizomatous Begonias are so called because they grow from a stem called a rhizome. They have the most striking leaves in colour, shape and texture. Many have fuzzy, variegated leaves in shades ranging from pale pink to deep purple and from yellow to dark green. The popular Rex Begonias are technically a subgroup of the rhizomatous category, but they are often grouped separately due to their difficult growth. Rex means king in Latin, an appropriate name (we think) for this group with the largest, most extravagant leaves!

Begonia care

Begonias are not too fragile either, which makes them a good intermediate plant. Most Begonias prefer indirect light. If you are noticing that the leaves are getting scorched, your Begonia is getting too much sun. Make sure to move your plant to a less bunny spot. They are a bit sensitive to root rot, so use an air potting mix with a layer of pebbles in the bottom and make sure that the soil is slightly moist. 

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Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!