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La Schefflera o Albero/pianta ombrello è una pianta che si trova spesso come pianta d'appartamento. È apprezzata per la sua attrattiva, ma anche per le sue forti qualità di sopravvivenza, che le permettono di risplendere negli ambienti più diversi delle nostre case, appartamenti e uffici. Amiamo questa meravigliosa pianta.

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Schefflera (Umbrella tree) varieties for sale

Various species are grown in pots as houseplants, most commonly Schefflera Actinophylla ‘Amate’ (umbrella tree) and Schefflera Arboricola (dwarf umbrella tree). Schefflera Actinophylla ‘Amata’ is a beautiful, tropical shrub or tree with a vigorous growth habit. This beautiful Schefflera has a shiny appearance and long, oblong leaves. The glossy green, leathery leaves stand on slender stems like an umbrella, or like fingers on a hand. Schefflera Actinophylla is native to tropical regions of north-eastern Australia, Java and New Guinea, where it can reach enormous sizes in open woodlands and monsoon rainforests. As a houseplant, Schefflera is super versatile and adapts well to different conditions.

Schefflera Arboricola (sometimes called Dwarf Schefflera) has smaller, shiny leaves, sometimes with creamy variegation. Apart from its smaller size, it closely resembles the larger version. This plant is sometimes called the finger tree because of the shape of the leaves. We have two very nice versions of this plant in our shop. These are called: Schefflera Melanie and the Schefflera Charlotte.

There is also a special, new and above all unusual concept! A Schefflera plant on lava stone. Yes, you read it correctly! The lava rock, combined with some moisture, appears to be an excellent living environment for the Schefflera plant. The lava rock was once spun out onto the land by a volcano, so it is special in itself. In combination with the Schefflera, it is a magnificent picture.

Schefflera care

One of the reasons why the plant is so popular is because the care of Schefflera plants is so easy. Schefflera plants are medium-light plants, which means that they need bright but indirect light. However, you do not want to place a Schefflera houseplant in direct sunlight, because its leaves can burn quickly. When you grow Schefflera, you should remember that the right watering is important to keep your Schefflera houseplant healthy. Wait until the soil in the pot dries out (the upper 2 to 3 centimetres) and then water it. Another tip from us: prune your Schefflera regularly in Spring and Summer, as pruning will make your Schefflera become fuller and more bushy!

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Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!