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Hello plantfriends!! My name is Linda, I‘m a 22 year old law student from Switzerland, who loves houseplants. I‘m currently finishing up my masters degree so I‘ve been really busy! But I will probably be done in winter and get my master of law. It‘s been crazy „going to uni“ from home for over a year and now almost being done.

”My first online order of plants was actually from PLNTS (then called onlinebabyplants).

I got into houseplants a bit over two years ago, so I‘ve gained quite some knowledge over the years but I‘m obviously still learning new things everyday. It‘s been really fun sharing my plant journey online and finding a community. I started taking care of plants shortly after moving into my apartment. I wanted something green for my space and so I bought my first houseplants, and got some as gifts. I found that taking care of plants was something I liked doing and started reading more and more about them. Then I discovered the plant community on instagram and with that – Plant online shops! Something I never considered to exist. My first online order of plants was actually from PLNTS (then called onlinebabyplants). Caring for plants is something that really calms me and keeps me grounded.

My mother has a really beautiful garden that she tends to and I think that I got a lot of my green thumb from her. It‘s been really fun exchanging out knowledge and sharing plant cuttings. I think almost everyone in my life has gotten a plant or a cutting from me!

My first plant that I EVER had was a bonsai that I got as a kid. It almost instantly died! I don‘t think that I could‘ve cared for a bonsai at that age anyways. The first plant i bought myself is actually a calathea. They are known for being divas, but this one (calathea setosa) is super chill and has been thriving in my home. That calathea has a lot of sentimental value to me because it‘s the first plant I bought myself, for my first own appartment. It‘s kind of a symbol for my adult life. 

My most favourite variety of plants.. It‘s hard to decide because I love a lot of different aroids. But I think philodendrons are my favorite, just because I love the variety they have and I love heart shaped leaves but I currently don‘t have a plant wishlist! I‘m just happy with my collection as it is. I used to have really big wishlists for alll the exotic plants, but I had to realize that some will NEVER thrive in my home setting, and since I don‘t want to build any greenhouses in my appartment, I only buy plants that can survive in my flats normal humidity.

”STOP buying every and any plant without knowing how to care for it! STOP buying plants just to „fill“ your home – only buy plants that you REALLY like.

In these strange times with COVID-19, have you tried out any new plant activities or learnt any fun new plant tricks?

I got into indoor plants before COVID happened, so not much changed for me personally in regards to buying plants. I did notice just how much the plant community grew and how much more mainstream indoor plants were becoming. The availability of rare plants has also been going up like crazy. Something I‘ve been trying out is balcony gardening. I love having greenery on my balcony, but it truly is a challenge compares to gardening indoors. Especially with all the storms this year I‘ve had to learn and adapt very quickly. I also am trying out putting my indoor plants outside during the warmer months and just letting them be. It‘s all trial and error outdoors! In my home I have a lot more control over my plants, but the outdoors is next level, especially when it comes to pests.

Do you name any of your PLNTS?

I don‘t name my plants, I usually go with the latin name or an abbreviation of that. I have too many plants to name them all!

I‘ve let a lot of plants just do their thing without fussing about them, and they did just fine.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself about plant parenthood when you adopted your first plant?

STOP buying every and any plant without knowing how to care for it! STOP buying plants just to „fill“ your home – only buy plants that you REALLY like. I‘ve bought lots of plants that I just don‘t really care for only because they got hyped on instagram or because they were „rare“. Now I try to keep my collection the size it‘s at – the plant‘s I don‘t really like anymore are being sold or gifted to friends.

The plant Influencer that inspired and thought me the most is @plantattic. A lot of plant people on instagram have influenced/inspired me in my plant wishlist, and have also helped me on my plant journey. @plantattic – Belle has inspired me so much with her plants and she is such a kind and patient person.

What do you do to keep your plants happy every season of the year and do you have any tips for us (new) plant parents?

Investing in some humidifiers has definitely been key for keeping my plants happy in winter. Also getting growlights – thats especially important in the northern hemisphere. My tip for beginners would be to lower watering in winter, or your plants will rot. Also be on the lookout for spidermites! Pests in general will sneak up on you in winter and multiply like crazy. I speak from experience here.

I wouldn‘t consider myself an expert yet, haha! But the best tip would be to not stress too much about your plants. I‘ve let a lot of plants just do their thing without fussing about them, and they did just fine. Most plants thrive when you neglect them and don‘t interfere too much with their process. Another tip I have is to avoid buying plants from overseas, especially in winter. They will most likely die, and even if they survive they will have a shock and lose a lot of leaves.

What helped me a lot is to google the problems I had – theres so many amazing free resources online! A lot of people online are willing to help you. Also: trial and error. Caring for plants is something very individual, and you have to find your own way. If you encounter problems: go online, find out what could cause the issues, and then try out different remedies and see what works. That‘s how I basically built up all of my knowledge on plants and still do it today!

Have fun growing your homes plantfriends!

– Linda

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