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Can you tell us a bit about yourself. Where your from, how old (not necessary), description of how you live, job, hobbies etc. Or anything else you feel comfortable sharing.

My name is Simona, I am 45 years old and I live in Italy, more precisely in the province of Genoa, a charming city by the sea. I am married to Marco and we have two daughters Benedetta and Camilla aged 19 and 16, 4 cats and a very sweet Labrador named Alex.

I work every day as a cook in the family delicatessen where I combine my profession with my passion for vegetarian & healthy cooking. I have two other great passions that go beyond cooking: photography and plants. A few years ago, I decided to do something with this. I started an Instagram page that now has over 60,000 followers: @thewhitehoneyhome.

When did you start with having and taking care of PLNTS and why?

From an early age I lived in the countryside, in contact with nature. I inherited my love for plant care from my father and learned from him to care for them with passion and dedication.

“I inherited my love for plant care from my father”

In these strange times have you tried any new plant activities or learned any fun new plant tricks?

I recently learned to grow plants in Exclay. I found it to be a great way to recover plants with various problems. I have become very enthusiastic about this type of cultivation!

You never forget your first love, and most plant parents never forget the first plant they adopt into their family. What was yours? Can you remember your first PLNT, is it still alive?

Since I got married I always have plants around the house! The first one was a Pothos that lived with me for so many years!

Do you name any of your PLNTS?

Yes! Every plant has a name and I like to talk to them by name.

“I recently learned with great satisfaction to grow plants in Exclay”

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself about plant parenthood when you adopted your first plant?

Be careful with overwatering! After a while I found out that plants only need water when the soil is dry and that they suffer more from too much water than from drought.

What is your favourite variety of plants and why have you chosen it?

I love Calathea Orbifolia and Maranta Fascinator, but lately I have fallen madly in love with Anthurium Clarinervium and Philodendron Verrucosum.

Are there any influencers in the plant world you go to for inspiration?

I love Planterina’s page.

Do you have any plant resolutions for 2020?

I would love to experiment more with propagation, trying out different propagation methods and propagating different types of plants. I also want to document my plants’ growth better!

How did you manage to let your plnts survive in the heat of the Summer? Any tips?

To increase the humidity in the hottest period, I added wet expanded clay to all the dishes and evaporated the leaves, especially plants such as Calathea and Begonias that need a lot of moisture!

“I have fallen madly in love with Anthurium Clarinervium”

You are something of a plant expert by this point. Do you have any tips for new/expecting plant parents?

First approach the plant world and start taking care of a fairly simple plants such as Pothos or Sansevierie to familiarize yourself with this beautiful world.

Don’t worry, plant mom, to overwater the plants. Get to know each plant and learn to understand the individual needs. That way you can choose the position and care that suits each of them perfectly.

Don’t be impatient and rejoice in every little achievement: a root, a new leaf or a sprout are enormous joys!

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