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Can you tell us a bit about yourself. Where your from, how old (not necessary), description of how you live, job, hobbies etc. Or anything else you feel comfortable sharing.

Hi! I’m Rosalien. But everyone pretty much always calls me Roos, and as should you! I live together with 2 cats (Friendo & Poezel) and over 150 plants!

The whole adventure started when I got a burn-out. I had to quit my job and my business and got professional help. It became clear that there was a lot more going on than ‘just’ a burn-out. Over the last months I’ve been diagnosed with depression, ADHD, autism and PTSD. As I literally couldn’t sit still all day I decided to get some plants and study them up close. And soon after I noticed the positivity the greens had on me, mentally and physically. 

In these strange times have you tried any new plant activities or learned any fun new plant tricks?

As I love to experiment I never stopped trying new idea’s. I did start to collect succulents, which I’m trying to keep alive to the best of my abilities. I also got into online video meetings, to answer the plant questions of my closest friends since we couldn’t meet anymore due to you know what.

“And soon after I noticed the positivity the greens had on me, mentally and physically.”

When did you begin starting taking care of PLNTS?

It all started a decade ago when I was in the 4th grade and was assigned to take care of my class’ two plants (both snake plants) that the teacher gifted to me by the end of the school year. But I wasn’t that into plants until the end of the high school. At that time there were only a few cacti and succulents from Ikea on my shelves. But when I moved to my own place and had to decorate my apartment, the struggle became real. As a student, I had a limited budget so I quickly realised I could easily fill the space with some greenery. At that time, I also started to grow my own Avocado plants

You never forget your first love, and most plant parents never forget the first plant they adopt into their family. What was yours?

When I started my planthobby I wanted an alocasia zebrina really bad, but I couldnt find it anywhere! (if i only knew about back then..) but I did get an alocasia polly at my local nursery. I had no idea what I got myself into, but polly has been growing happily ever since, she is one of my biggest alocasia’s at the moment.

Do you name any of your PLNTS?

I don’t name my plants, as I could never remember all of them. I do talk to my plants.. I can’t be the only one right? 

“I do talk to my plants.. I can’t be the only one right?”

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself about plant parenthood when you adopted your first plant child?

Make sure you get the right / decent soil mix! as I’ve learned over time, nothing is as important as a good soil mix and regular fertilizing!

What is your favourite variety of plants and why have you chosen it?

Alocasias! always been, always will. As they keep unfurling leaf after leaf I’m convinced they like me too. I adore their huge leaves, each with a diffrent pattern/thickness. They keep suprising you!

Are there are influencers in the plant world you go to for inspiration?

A lot! Over time I have created a large network with plantpeople (greenies) as I host monthly meetings to meet and share knowlegde I couldn’t name just one or two, as I’m learning from so many!

Do you have any plant resolutions for 2020?

Online plant shopping! As I didn’t want to stop plantshopping (who does) I order a lot more online now. Also plant related products as soil. Now I can stay safe at home, and still take care of them 🙂

How did you manage to let your plnts survive in the heat of the summer?Any tips?

During the heatwave I watered my plants more often, but with smaller volumes. I had a small fan running in my plantroom to keep the airflow going. be careful with open windows, its easy for a bug to fly in and harm your plant; my advice is to use a natural preventive anti bug spray during the summer!

“Make sure you get the right / decent soil mix!”

You are something of a plant expert by this point. Do you have any tips for new/expecting plant parents?

Don’t stress, just do your best. As plants are living things, they will lose a leaf occasionally which is sometimes inevitably. Spend time with your plants, and learn from them. As they will tell you what they need! Otherwise, send me a DM and we can do it together!

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