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Hello everybody! My name is Nicoline. I’m 28 years of age and I live in Denmark with my boyfriend, 100+ plants and my cat Falk. Falk is a 7 years old male Norwegian Forest Cat and is the secret star of my Instagram (but don’t tell anyone!). Plants are my passion and has turned into my livelihood as well. I work in a flower-/plant-/interior-shop as a shop assistant, aspiring florist, social media manager and graphic designer. Another passion of mine is interior design! I love to decorate with plants, thrift finds and heirlooms. I spend time renovating, restoring and up-cycling.

”Plants are my passion and has turned into my livelihood as well

When did you start having and taking care of PLNTS, and why?

It all started by coincidence 5 years ago when I was offered free crop seeds at the local supermarket whenever I went there to shop. Little by little the seed bags grew into a stack on the kitchen shelf because I didn’t touch them for many weeks. I was sure that I definitely wasn’t able to make anything grow! One day I decided to give it a try and suddenly I grew cabbage, chilies, herbs, etc. in our then tiny city flat. I started to experiment with seeds from store bought edibles and seeds I gathered from parks and forests. Then all kinds of houseplant seeds. I was completely mesmerized by the process of seed to plant and the miracles of growth! 

So the first plants I grew from seeds were an Euphorbia Ingens and some Caudex plants, they are still in my collection. My first plant not grown from a seed was a Crassula Ovata. I got it at my first visit to the plant nursery and it’s still in my collection this day.

At the moment, I have a lot of Hoyas and Aroids. They are both big families with lots of hybrids, interesting leaf shapes, patterns and variegations! But my plants come from all kinds of families. Some plants just ‘speak’ to me. Whether it’s due to unique characteristics or just a classic beauty. Both rare and common! Two plants have been on my wishlist for years. It is the Anthurium Vittarifolium and Philodendron Billietiae.

”I was completely mesmerized by the process of seed to plant and the miracles of growth

A little fact about me: at first I named my plants. But as the amount of plants grew, I began to forget the names! I still remember my mango tree that was named Margrethe after the Queen of Denmark and my banana named Joe ;).

Are there influencers in the plant world you go to for inspiration?

Hard to choose. I love all the people I follow! Some because of their collection, some because of their plant tips, some because of their interior design, some because of their picture style. But @littleandlush must be a favorite of mine! Her photographs, taste in plants and aesthetics is always on point.

It is all about trial and error, observations and experiences

You are something of a plant expert by this point. Do you have any tips for new / expecting plant parents and can you tell us how do you manage to let your PLNTS survive in the heat of the summer?

It can be hard to keep up with the watering during the summer! Put your curtains half way down during the hottest hours of the day. A sheer curtain or an awning can do wonders in order to block out the strongest sun and they will reduce the temperature as well. Thin foliage plants close to a sunny window need the most attention! Check them every or every other day. When you walk into a room, glance over your plants and look out for limp, hanging leaves. With enough practice, it becomes easy to spot a plant that needs water ASAP!

And for all the new and expecting plant parent: it’s all about trial and error, observations and experiences. Understand the meaning of light and soil moisture. If you understand the basics, it’s the key to happy plants! Do some research on the plant and its special needs.

The most important thing is to be aware that plant care shouldn’t turn into a sour duty! Don’t get more plants than you feel like you can handle. Don’t panic over the tiniest dot on a leaf. Plants are living creatures and not perfect. Pay attention to bugs but keep in mind that bugs are an inevitable part of a plant hobby. My biggest challenge in the beginning was overwatering and root rot. I’d tell myself that I should never underestimate the need of light! Keep the plant close to a window and make sure that the plant has a clear view of the sky. Also, you cannot put watering into a schedule. Examine the soil! The top of the soil might feel dry but deeper, where the roots are, there can still be lots of moisture. Put your finger deep into the pot and look through the drainage holes at the bottom. If you are tired, water the plants tomorrow. Take care of yourself and you take care of your love for plants.

– Nicoline

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