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Can you tell us a bit about yourself. Where your from, how old (not necessary), description of how you live, job, hobbies etc. Or anything else you feel comfortable sharing.

Yeah sure! So my name is Felix, I am 30 years old and I’ve been living in Berlin since 2010. I am working as a photographer which is also one of my biggest passions. Besides that I created the @merakikollektiv Instagram account in September 2019. On it I post my everyday life, my job and of course my flat! I live on thirty-something square meters in a so called ‘Plattenbau’ which loosely translates to ‘industrialized building’, meaning low ceilings and concrete walls.

When did you start with having and taking care of PLNTS and why?

Well honestly it hasn’t been that long! The plant obsession started probably with me moving into my current flat about 3 years ago now. In my old flat I used to live very minimal, all blacks and whites, geometric and overall very “clean looking”. No plants whatsoever. And that was perfectly fine for the time being. My mom always wanted me to get at least some plants, she’s a huge plant lover herself, but none of mine survived for more than a few weeks or very sometimes a month. So I just got some plants and wasn’t planning on buying more myself. But when I moved to my new place, I wanted to make it feel more like ‘me’, more alive, give it more character and let it reflect my personality. So with that some of my green friends started moving in and I haven’t looked back once!

“…when I moved to my new place, I wanted to make it feel more like ‘me’, more alive, give it more character and let it reflect my personality”

In these strange times have you tried any new plant activities or learned any fun new plant tricks?

With a lot more time at home I started to get to know some plants even better. I now know, at least for the most part, when they need water, how much of it and what signs they give me mean. I think I know better how to act and take care of them now!

You never forget your first love, and most plant parents never forget the first plant they adopt into their family. What was yours? Can you remember your first PLNT, is it still alive?

I honestly can’t tell you that! As I said, I failed with a lot of plants in the beginning. What I can tell you though is that the plant is certainly no longer with us.

Do you name any of your PLNTS?

I’m starting to think I am not the best plant parent now, because I don’t! Hell, I don’t even now their botanical names for the most part. Is that bad?

“With a lot more time at home I started to get to know some plants even better”

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself about plant parenthood when you adopted your first plant?

Don’t get discouraged and don’t overwater your plants! I made my boyfriend (who is, thanks to my constant nagging now somewhat into plants as well) a list with some tips! For me I realized that more plants are dying because of overwatering than drying out. So stick your finger in the soil and see for yourself! Another big bullet point was patience, patience and patience! Don’t throw away your plant just because it looks kinda sad. Find out what is wrong with it! If everything fails you can always make a cutting and start from scratch.

What is your favourite variety of plants and why have you chosen it?

Yay! A question I can definitely answer. It is without a doubt every variety of Pothos! I just love this one. So much that I decorated my entire ceiling with them. They are SO easy to take care of, they look great and they are very forgiving. Also, they’ll show you what they need. If you forget them for a week or two, they won’t just leave you. They’ll fold their leaves to show you that it’s time for a drink! They actually don’t need a lot of sunlight which is great since my place barely gets any. The Pothos can, if not thrive, at least survive in low light conditions!

Are there any influencers in the plant world you go to for inspiration?

Easy! In Germany its definitely @marienova. I also love following @plantkween, @plantingplants and so so many more!

Do you have any plant resolutions for 2021?

Not really. I’d love to move someday to finally get my plants all the sunlight they deserve and also so much more space for even more plants!

How did you manage to let your plnts survive in the heat of the Summer? Any tips?

Actually, my plants don’t mind summer at all. Once the degrees climbs up, they’ll just start to grow and thrive! Obviously, you’ll have to water them more and sometimes spray them, but that’s about it for me.

“…Pothos! I just love this one. So much that I decorated my entire ceiling with them”

You are something of a plant expert by this point. Do you have any tips for new/expecting plant parents?

Well if you say so, I’ll take it! My pro tip is: get yourself a Pothos! And we go from there <3

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