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Syngoniums are known for their rapid growth, low maintenance and low trailing vines with arrow shaped leaves. Doesn’t that already sound like the perfect plant?

This set contains 3 different species of Syngonium, so you can get going with growing these stunners!

The Syngonium Confetti is the party animal of the set. Her leaves are embellished with pink speckles. This contrasts beautifully with her soft green base.

This species has a gorgeous pattern on her leaves. This is the Syngonium Batik and she has a soft green color and looks very soothing.

The Syngonium Wendlandii has a center that almost looks like it was painted on with water paint. This center stripe really pops with her dark green base.

The included care products are:

  • Aroid potting mix kit
  • 250 Milliliter nutrition

The Syngonium belongs to the aroids. These plants have certain characteristics and care requirements. One of these requirements is light. These syngoniums would prefer to grow inside bright, indirect light. They will be most comfortable in a chunky and airy soil mix. We have included all the substrates you need to mix a potting mix that they will grow in the best. You can mix it with the ratio, 60% soil, 15% tree bark, 10% coco fibre, 10% active charcoal and 5% Perlite. They will grow rapidly and need enough energy to be able to do so. Within the package a bottle of liquid nutrition is included. You can add this to you water, and water as you would normally do. Adding this liquid to your water is necessary during the growing season, about once a month. Now your plant is growing, she will get those long trailing vines you have always wanted. You can decide to let these hang, but these can also benefit from growing on a moss pole. This can encourage the plant even in growing bigger leaves!

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This set includes:

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Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!