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Are you looking for the ultimate set to propagate your cuttings? This propagation kit contains all the supplies that you need! With the pruning shears you can take your cuttings.The shears are black and very easy to operate.
The two propagation tubes are perfect to place your cuttings in. You can let your cuttings root on water and because of the clear glass you can see all your beautiful roots develop!
This makes it also very easy to monitor if your roots are getting long enough for repotting.
To repot your cuttings, you can use the two terracotta pots. Fill them up with cutting soil to make your cuttings feel very cozy and tucked in. And don’t worry, your hands won’t get dirty, because you can use the potting shovel for handling any dirt!
This kit makes propagation child’s play!

And we of course have the perfect plants for you to take cuttings from. The Monstera Adansonii grows super rapidly and is the perfect plant to take lots of cuttings from! The Pilea will produce pups, which are super cute and can also be the perfect match for your new propagation set.

Would you like your cuttings to develop roots even better and stronger? Then take a look at our Rooting powder!

This set includes: