Cat Moustache (NoID)

Maranta  Cat Moustache (NoID)


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Cat Moustache (NoID) ()
Total: €23.95
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  • Diameter12cm
  • Height±30cm
  • LovesPartly shady
  • BenefitsAir cleaner
  • Pet friendlyNon-toxic

This Maranta is very unique as she officially has no ID. She is therefore known as the Maranta NoID, but she has a very adorable nickname, namely 'Maranta Cat Moustache'. She has been given this name because of the pattern on her leaves, which looks like a cat's whiskers - cute, isn't it? She comes from the rainforest in Brazil where she 'crawls' on the ground. This rare plant is hard to find, but we managed to get her for you! We have fallen completely in love with her and hope that you will too!

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Everything about Maranta

Maranta is a genus of flowering plants in the Marantaceae family. It's found in Central and South American tropical regions and the West Indies. There are around 40 different species of Maranta known today.

The common name Prayer Plant or Praying Plant refers to members of the Maranta genus, which includes several species of plants with strikingly patterned leaves that fold up at night, as if in prayer. The closely related Calathea genus also includes plants that are sometimes called Prayer Plants because they show similar leaf movements.

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