Coffea (Coffee plant) - Care tips

Coffea (Coffee plant)

Coffea plants are very popular and grow in humid, tropical countries from Southeast Asia to South America. In optimal habitats, this beauty can grow up to 2 meters! But in an indoor setting, they will remain fairly small, what makes her the perfect plant to place on, where else, your coffee table. ;-)

As a young plant, the foliage is quite bright, but once they grow into mature plants the leaves take a deep green colour which makes them extra attractive.

Coffea plant care tips

Taking care of a Coffea plant is super easy. Under the right circumstances, a Coffea plant will eventually produce small white flowers. It can take up to five years, so a good test for your patience! Fun fact: it is possible to grow your own coffee beans, but you have to pollinate your plant by hand. A difficult job, so don't expect coffee beans from this nice little houseplant. Luckily you’ll get plenty of fresh green shiny leaves.

Light and placement for Coffea

The best spot for your Coffea is a spot that has bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight can be harmful to your plant. If you see some brown spots on the leaves it can be a sign that your plant is getting too much sun. Sunburn on plants is a real thing!


When you are growing Coffea plants, the soil needs to stay moist but not soaking: you can check the soil with your finger to make sure you are not overwatering your baby. This tropical plant loves a high humidity, so spraying a little water around her every now and then makes her very happy. Because she likes this humid environment, she makes a perfect plant for in a terrarium or for in your bathroom!

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Your Coffea plant appreciates regular fertilising throughout the growing season from March till October. You can give your Coffea houseplant some PLNTS nutrition every other week in these spring and summer months. During fall and winter you can hold off the fertiliser.

Propagating Coffea

Whoever thinks that planting a coffee bean will give you a beautiful plant will be disappointed. Luckily, propagating a Coffea plant is super easy via stem cuttings. Get a sharp knife or pruning shear, a small pot and some fresh cutting soil. Choose a straight and healthy stem that stands around a centimeter from the mother plant. Try to detangle the roots as much as possible and then make a sharp cut to take your cutting. Place it in the pot with cutting soil and give it a splash of water. To increase humidity you can place a plastic bag over the pot: your new plant will love that!

Are you a beginning PLNTSparent who doesn’t want to take cuttings but still wants to raise their own little plant? Then our Arabica seeds or Arabica seed kit is the perfect way to start! With these seeds you will learn how to grow your own Coffea plant in no time.

Coffea plant

Most common pests on Coffea

Coffea plants will sometimes suffer from infestations of mealybugs, aphids and spidermites. Check your plant regularly so you can notice changes in your plants health as soon as possible. Signs of an infestation include tiny webs, white powdery spots or even visible insects! Want to know exactly what to do when your plant is suffering from a plague? Consult our PLNTSdoctor page!

Are Coffea poisonous for your pets or children?

The Coffea is poisonous for humans and four-legged friends. All parts, except the fruit and its seed that are processed into coffee beans, are toxic to humans, cats and dogs and cause vomiting and diarrhea. According to an Ethiopian legend there once was a goat herder that discovered the Coffea plant and the potential of the coffee beans. He noticed that his goat, after eating the berries of a Coffea plant, became so energetic that the animal didn’t sleep at night. Wondering why that would be…

Coffea plant for sale

At you can buy Coffea plants online, like the Baby Coffea Arabica or grown up Coffea Arabica. Besides these plants, you can also get the Coffea seeds, so whether you like your Coffea big from the start or prefer to grow them from tiny BabyPLNTS into full-grown PLNTS - we’ve got you covered!

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!