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Create your own propagation box (propbox) for thriving plant cuttings

Dive into the enchanting world of propagation with your very own 'propagation box'! This allows the cuttings to grow super well and guarantees that your existing plant collection grows more and more into a true green oasis. And all thanks to your own propagation skills! Whether you're a budding enthusiast or a seasoned plant lover, the process is not only enjoyable but also incredibly educational. In this blog, we explain what a cutting tray is and you will find a short DIY on how to make your own cutting tray.

What is a propagation box?

As we all know, most houseplants originally come from a tropical climate. Ample (sunlight) light and high humidity are often a good match for plants and cuttings. Recreating this tropical haven at home is key for successful plant propagation, and a propagation box is your secret weapon! Propagating cuttings in a ‘prop’ box has the advantage that the humidity is always high and the same. This gives the cuttings an optimal environment to root and grow. To make your own propagation box, you can use, for example, a plastic storage box or a glass terrarium, as long as it seals well to keep the humidity stable.

What do you need to make your own cutting box?

To make a good propagation box, you don't need many products. It is actually quite simple! However, you can already choose whether you prefer to propagate in potting soil or in sphagnum moss. This way you can adapt the contents of the cutting box to your own needs. Embark on your DIY propagation journey with a few simple materials:

  1. Your favourite plants you want to take cuttings from
  2. Clean pruning shears
  3. Cutting powder for an extra boost
  4. Cuttingsoil or sphagnum moss for a nice “bed”
  5. A plastic storage box or glass terrarium

Prop box

Photo’s via Instagram by @babyplantdrama & @phytophilicmonkey

Building your own 'prop box’

Have you gathered all the supplies you need and are ready to start your propagation adventure? Follow these steps to create your own prop box.

Step 1:

Using clean pruning shears, take a cutting from your favorite plant for propagation. Ensure the cut is at least 1 cm below an aerial root or nodule for optimal growth. Dip the cuttings in cutting powder to protect against diseases and fungi, promoting better rooting.

Step 2:

Now, your cuttings are ready for their new home! Prepare the plastic storage box or glass terrarium by covering the bottom with potting soil or sphagnum moss—just enough to secure the cuttings in place.

Step 3:

Your customised propagator is ready! Maintain good humidity by placing the propagator in a bright spot with indirect sunlight. A warm location is ideal; too much cold can slow down or hinder growth. If a warm, bright spot is lacking, consider using a grow light.

Step 4:

Taking care of your prop box is easy, but it does require some structure and attention. Prevent the potting soil or sphagnum moss from drying out by spraying as soon as you notice it, this way you maintain humidity. Air the container occasionally to prevent mold. Given the variability in environmental factors, your routine for watering and airing will become second nature over time.

These were four easy steps to create your personalized grow box. If you're eager to explore more advanced techniques, don't miss our enlightening blog on creating an advanced greenhouse cabinet. We're here to assist you in cultivating a lush green oasis.


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February 20, 2024
Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!