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Are you looking for a real statement piece? Then look no further. These Kingsize houseplants will absolutely stand out in the room where you place them. Are you a real daredevil and place several of these XXL houseplants in your home or do you prefer to combine one of these giants with other different sized houseplants? Everything is possible!

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Types of kingsize houseplants

For a real statement piece in your home, go for a kingsize houseplant! Kingsize houseplants are a real trend and are now also popular with interior design enthusiasts. By investing in a kingsize houseplant you will fill your space with green in no time. Choose to place even more plants of different sizes around it. This way, you create a true green oasis. With kingsize plants it is also important to take into account the light requirements and therefore its location. However, you can always find a suitable spot for these XXL houseplants.

Kingsize houseplants for a bright spot

Do you have a bright spot near a window which could use some filling? Then tropical plants are the right choice. But always be careful, because plants generally do not like being in the full sun for too long. The Beaucarnea Recurvata, also known as Pony Tail, and the Yucca are perfect plants for a light spot. The last one is also called Palm Lilly and is native to Central America. This beautiful palm plant is used to drought and heat! This makes it very easy to look after.

Kingsize houseplants for a half-shadow location

The location of a plant has a lot of influence. Are you looking for a plant that can fill a spot in the half shadow? Then these kingsize Monstera Pertusum and the kingsize Alocasia Yucatan Princess are the perfect choices! The Alocasia Yucatan Princess has sturdy deep red stems that make its beautiful thick leaves shine. The kingsize variant will absolutely be a showpiece in your home. In the wild, its large leaves are sometimes used as hiding places. Just imagine how big it can get!

Kingsize houseplants for a shadow spot

The impressive kingsize plants will make the heart of every plant lover beat faster. Are you looking for an XXL beauty for a shady spot in your home? The Philodendron Scandens is a good choice. It can handle a shady spot. However, it is still a good idea to place it in a brighter spot every now and then. This is so that she will receive some new strength. All plants need (indirect) sunlight now and then. Also make sure that her ambient temperature does not drop below 16 degrees. This way you can make sure your Scandens grows even bigger!

Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!