Caput Medusae (no shell)

Baby  Tillandsia  (Air plant)  Caput Medusae (no shell)


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Baby Caput Medusae (no shell) ()
Total: £5.95
  • The largest range of baby plants
  • The most exclusive houseplants
  • 100% recyclable packaging materials
  • Height±10cm
  • LovesPartly shady
  • Care levelEasy
  • BenefitsAir cleaner
  • Pet friendlyNon-toxic
The baby Tillandsia Caput-Medusae is an air plant, which means that it extracts its nutrients and water from the air. It’s a very easy plant to care for, and looks a bit like an octopus swimming gracefully through the sea. This charming little creature can be hung in many places in your home and requires very little care and attention, making it the ideal plant if you’re looking to add a touch of green to a space without having to worry too much about care!

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Everything about Tillandsia

Tillandsia is a group of plants in the Bromeliaceae family, which includes a bunch of different types of plants like Air Plants. It's pretty unique that air plants don't have many roots like other indoor plants. Rather than taking in water from the ground, they absorb it from the air through their leaves. Little grey hairlike structures called trichomes on their leaves absorb moisture and nutrients from the air. This is pretty awesome! Once you know what air plants need, taking care of them is easy. There are over 500 types to choose from, so you can make your own unique collection!

Plant expert Rachel

More about Tillandsia