Theo Bamboo & Olive Scented Tealight Soy

Theo Bamboo & Olive Scented Tealight Soy

3 x 8 burning hours


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Theo Bamboo & Olive Scented Tealight Soy ()
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Cosy your home with our PLNTS scented candles! This is a set of 3 scented tea lights with the scent Bamboo & Olive. These little guys fit perfectly in your hallway, bathroom or another small room to make it cosy with the warm light and subtle smell. How does Bamboo & Olive smell? These scented tea lights have the subtle scent of a humid Asian forest with some southern sweetness of olive. Warm and fresh at the same time.

These guys are 100% plant based, handmade with natural ingredients soya and rapeseed wax. Free from all kind of harmful stuff. Every tea light burns for about 8 hours and you don’t need a tea light holder cause this candle is hand poured in recycled glass. If you like him, he has 2 bigger brothers for more hours of this lovely scent in your home!

Colour: white
Scent: bamboo & olive
Scent strength: subtle
Dimensions: 4,5 cm x 2,5 cm
Ingredients: soy wax and rapeseed wax
Burning hours: 8 hours per candle
Eco-friendly, vegan, plantbased