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    This propagation substrate set contains four different substrates that you need to let your cuttings thrive. All the substrates included in this set can be used separately, but you can also play around by combining them! They all have something that they excel at, so by combining different parts of the substrates will make the perfect mix to care for your plants! Cutting soil is a mixed soil where your cutting will feel right at home. This mix is very smooth and compact, this makes sure that water and nutrients will distribute evenly. Perlite is a very airy substrate that will make it super easy for your cuttings to root! Sphagnum moss is a real champion when it comes to holding water! Vermiculite is a natural light weighted popped rock. It is a very airy pulp where your roots can develop very easily. It also reduces the chance of breaking roots when it’s time to repot your plant. Vermiculite is also very good in holding water and you only have to spray it once in a while with water.

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!