Philodendron Tortum

Philodendron Tortum

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    about this plant
    The Philodendron Tortum automatically brings you happiness and a summery feeling because she is a real palm tree look-a-like. Most Philodendrons are true climbers, but at first sight, you can already see that the Tortum is unique and different in her own way. Although she does need the same care, her leaves look quite different. She has pretty green, narrow leaves with extremely deep cuts that give her a playful appearance.
    • diameter13cm
    • height±40cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • care leveleasy
    • benefitsair cleaner
    The Tortum enjoys receiving a lot of indirect sunlight. During the growth season (spring and summer) it is important to keep its soil moist, during winter it can do with a little less water. To stimulate its growth and prevent dry edges on the leaves you should keep the humidity on the higher side, the Tortum loves this!
    Lucia Tomaschová - 01 August 2022
    Plant is perfect, looking healthy and even bigger as in the picture. A few of the leaves are broken but this is understandable considering traveling such a long distance. Overall condition is great, I would buy it again without a doubt.
    Seel Sam - 22 February 2021
    Amazing Plant, arrived in perfect condition.
    Julian Torralba - 11 February 2021
    Realy really nice. I had the "usual" philodendrons and this one stands out! Perfect choice ! IT came better that it looks in the pictures.
    Lina Maniusyte - 08 November 2020
    As picture, very nice plant, and amazing condition on arrival.

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