Naomi Plant Sensor

Naomi Plant Sensor

Humidity and fertility meter


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    Let’s start with a short biology lesson: plants use light and water to grow through photosynthesis. The Naomi Plant Sensor indicates whether your plant needs water, but also measures the amount of sunlight, nutritional value of the soil and the temperature! The app on your smartphone gives you a precise insight into the needs of your green beauty! With a database of over 6.000 plants, the app knows the perfect conditions for your specific plant. With all the information provided in the application, you can easily anticipate to this. Too little light? Move your plant a little closer to the window for example. Soil not moist enough? Water your green friend thoroughly. With the Naomi Plant Sensor you can take care of your plant(s) perfectly and make sure that they have nothing to lack.

    - App available for iOS and Android.
    To use in combination with:
    - WatchFlower App
    - Smart Home systems like Homey.

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!