Baby  Bulb Caladium 'Fiesta'


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Product review

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Terracotta Pot 9cm
Lisa Pot Sea Green
Otis Pot Ocher
Robin Wood Selfwatering Pot
Pot Otis Green
    About this plant

    Are you looking for a Caladium with a pop of colour? The Caladium bulb ‘Fiesta’ makes your search come to an end! With its big heart-shaped leaves, fuschia veins and dark green outer edge, it knows how to captivate the attention. A true beauty to behold! You will be growing these captivating leaves yourself, since you will receive the Caladium bulb. Can you imagine how rewarding this PLNTS journey will be? Then get going and buy Caladium bulb ‘Fiesta’ online.

    • Diameter5cm
    • Height±5cm
    • LovesPartly shady

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    Hi, I'm Emma, your guide!

    Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!