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    about this plant

    The Syngonium Mottled is a beautiful plant with arrow-shaped leaves. She has a colourful collection of colours on her leaves, varying from dark green to white. She’s a big fan of light, so to keep her looking her best place her in a nice light spot (but not direct sun!) and she will return the favour by looking stunning!

    • diameter13cm
    • height±25cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    The Syngonium Mottled is easy to care for, and is right at home anywhere in the house except in bright sunlight. Her preference for light is reflected in her leaves- if she’s happy with the brightness of the spot she’s in, her leaves will display a range of bright colours in return. She likes moist soil, give her a little water twice a week and she is totally happy!
    Rainysprouts - April 20, 2022
    Bigger than expected, lots of new growth popping up, super happy with this plant!
    Trinky - April 09, 2022
    Après un trajet de 4 jours, la plante est arrivée bien emballée et en bonne santé. Elle était plus grande que sur la photo avec ses 38 cm de haut, et ses 12 feuilles de toutes les tailles (dont une sur le point de s'ouvrir) ! Elle me fait un peu penser à un alien avec ses feuilles fripées et déformées, mais je l'adore ! :)
    A - November 29, 2021
    It came with 3 leaves. But since I got it about 3 weeks ago it has already pushed out two huge leaves! I'm very pleased!
    m_jungleee - April 30, 2021
    Smaller than the photo. Arrived with one broken leaf.
    Sebastian Genz - April 13, 2021
    Eine wunderschöne buschige Pflanze, die Freude war riesig sehr zu empfehlen vielen Dank
    Elina Tuukkala - March 28, 2021
    Much bigger than I expected! Very good and healty condition. Growing so fast!
    TessyMagpie - March 22, 2021
    Very nice plant for the price! It has many more leaves than pictured and it is pushing 3 new leaves when it arrived. I am in love! Thanks a lot :))
    Shaista Abbasi - March 21, 2021
    Very well packaged and in great condition. The plant has three growth points and the varigeation is beautiful. Just as shown in the picture. Would highly recommend it.
    ahoeft94 - March 14, 2021
    Received mine in perfect condition. Plant has 3 (!) growth points and is simultaneously pushing all of them. Packaging was good, soil was moist but not too wet. The roots look healthy, however the plant is ready to get repotted very soon (not complaining at all).
    Claudia0408 - March 05, 2021
    Meine Syngonium Mottled ist wohl meine fleißigste Pflanze überhaupt. Wenn ich nicht regelmäßig Ableger schneiden würden, dann würde sie mir sicherlich durch die Decke gehen. Kaum ist ein neues Blatt ausgerollt, so schießt schon ein neues raus. Außerdem sind Syngonien sehr einfache Pflanzen, die einem auch gerne zeigen was sie brauchen. Sie verzeihen einem mal das über- oder untergießen. ;-) Definitiv eine Anfängerpflanze!
    Kristine Agbas - March 02, 2021
    Package is very well packed, the plant came in great condition!
    Lyn Tan - December 23, 2020
    super happy w/ my orders. very healthy and well packaged. i’m very satisfied customer. no issues at all, will definitely buy more in the future.
    nivaiq - December 10, 2020
    I absolutely love this plant. It's been growing so well, even during a miserable, British winter. Every time I look there's a new leaf unfurling and it's delightful.
    Jasenka Mičetić - November 25, 2020
    Came in a great condition. Very healthy. Would highly recommend!

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