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Rowleyanus Senecio
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about this plant
The Senecio rowleyanus, commonly known as String of Pearls, is an easy-care hanging plant. This cascading succulent really is the pearl of all BabyPLNTS! This cutie owns her nickname to the characteristic small green balls on the plant that are similar to pearls. The rowleyanus is a woman of many names, even referred to as ‘Pearl Plant’ and ‘String of Beads’. The String of Pearls is one of the smallest baby plants in a growing pot out there. With her cute little balls, she is a real addition to your plant family! Like other succulents, the Baby String of Pearls doesn't need much water. She stores water in her ‘pearls’ and looks at her best when her pearls have a fresh green colour and are firm to the touch. Although it is tempting to touch the pearls, you’d better not: she is pretty sensitive and her pearls can easily fall off.
  • diameter6cm
  • height±10cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • benefitsair cleaner
The Senecio Rowleyanus 'String of Pearls' trails quickly and likes to be placed on a shelf or in a hanging basket. She is known for her long, slender stems, but if you want to control the length and grow her into a fuller plant, feel free to give her a haircut. The string of pearls plant will branch out where you make the cut, so this will make your pruned plant grow back fuller. And because she is easy to propagate, you can simply use the stems you cut off to grow a brand new baby. The String of Pearls likes bright, indirect light. Being a succulent, she is very sensitive to overwatering. If you give her too much water, the pearls will literally burst and give her a shriveled look. Therefore, when in doubt, think too little rather than too much water. Just like other succulents, she stores water in her leaves, so even if the top layer of potting soil feels a bit dry, just sit back and do not offer her a drink immediately.
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yunjeong KIM - August 25, 2022
The plant arrived at home safely with perfect packaging and also really fresh!
Manon - July 11, 2022
This little plant is so cute. It was very well packed and therefore arrived at my house fine.
Emma DE ALMEIDA - May 06, 2022
Arrivée plus petite que sur la photo (et moins fournie). La livraison a également endommager un peu la plante mais après deux semaines elle semble récupérer.
Lara - April 08, 2022
Arrived just as the picture shows. When repotting it I devided it so now I have two!
Setare Aaz - February 08, 2022
This little guy arrived in not such a good condition, with several of its pearls destroyed and two strings without any pearls. so I wrote to the support team, and they were very fast and helpful, and refunded me for the plant. The other plant I ordered is happy and fully healthy though. Maybe its just my luck!
Rasha Suliman - March 14, 2021
Very nice plant arrived in excellent condition.
Stacey Henry - November 13, 2020
The soil was too wet, so the vines started rotting and my plant unfortunately died. I was given a full refund though, and would still order other plants from the site as I have many other plants from here that have done well.
Lina Maniusyte - November 08, 2020
much smaller than in picture. one string was squashed in a box, only two left growing.
emxly3903 - October 27, 2020
not very big but its growing really quick and really healthy
alison rampelotto - October 16, 2020
arrived in great condition. was very small though
alexandra - September 23, 2020
arrived in perfect condition :)
Isa - August 22, 2020
a few strings fell off in the first week after transportation, since then the plant hasn't lost any more pearls, but doesn't seem to grow neither
PriyaRobert - August 16, 2020
Arrived in decent condition not big as shown
Rachel K - June 26, 2020
A cutie. Elle est arrivée en pleine forme, ravie.
Clover - May 13, 2020
It could hardly be a better plant!

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