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Philodendron Pink Princess
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about this plant

Isn’t she stunning! The Philodendron Pink Princess, also commonly referred as the Blushing Philodendron, has beautiful dark green leaves in the shape of arrows and that are decorated with an explosion of pink colour. She is really a living work of art. Even the undersides of the leaves have an amazing red/coppery hue. Try to keep your eyes off her!

Note: the plant will arrive with a minimum of three variegated leaves.

  • diameter13cm
  • height±25cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • benefitsair cleaner
You may think it is difficult to care for a Pink Princess. Fear not, just make sure the soil can be properly drained, that you put her in a medium or bright (indirect sunlight) spot and that she doesn’t become too thirsty. WOW, easy! In the spring and summer it is important that you regularly give her some extra organic PLNTS nutrition so she can grow well.
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Cecilie - September 24, 2022
I received the most gorgeous Pink Princess with 10 leaves (All of them got pink on them) She's so pretty! But she was soaking wet, so I really hope that I'll be able to save her - I dont want her roots to root. But she's the most stunning Pink princess I've ever seen.
sunflower - August 29, 2022
Plant was shipped on time and arrived undamaged! It arrived with a bunch more leaves than pictured in the photos. All are still looking very healthy, lots of variegation. Definitely in love with this one.
Eskx - June 25, 2022
Absolutely beautiful
Lacie - February 15, 2022
Beautiful! Stunning variegation, lovely and healthy, great size!

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Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!