Clippy Wall Mounting Kit

For 5 Pots

Clippy Wall Mounting Kit For 5 Pots
Clippy Wall Mounting Kit €16.99
For 5 Pots

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Clippy might come in handy for when your plants already have taken over all spaces in your home. Or when you just want to pimp that boring, bare wall. In this kit you’ll find 5 ‘Clippy’s. Screw these onto your wall and simply slide your terracotta pot into. To ensure that the water doesn’t leak, there are also 5 corks that fit into the drainage hole. The clips are adjustable for hanging pots of different sizes (recommended are terracotta pots with a rim), with a diameter of ø 18 to 22 cm, and a drain hole of ø 17 to 22 mm. The PLNTS M & L terracotta pots are suitable for Clippy. Because these pots are made of a natural material it could be that the drain holes are too small/big. You can solve this by putting shards of terracotta on the bottom of the pot, or use a plastic bag to prevent leaking.

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