Ceropegia Woodii String of Hearts


Ceropegia String of Hearts
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Ceropegia Woodii

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about this plant
The Ceropegia Woodii 'String of Hearts' is a popular trailing succulent. She owes her nickname 'String of Hearts' to her delicate, heart shaped leaves that gracefully trail down on long, slender vines. The baby String of Hearts plant has a delicate silver grey-green foliage with a gorgeous pattern and green to purple undersides. In spring and summer, this cutie can even grow small vase-shaped purple flowers! Our baby Ceropegia Woodii is native to Zimbabwe and South Africa, where she was originally discovered trailing from rocks. Fortunately, this adventurous hanging plant is not so demanding, so she will quickly feel at home in your living room as well. Although she is pretty down-to-earth, the String of Hearts plant prefers to be placed on a shelf high up or in a hanging basket. This will give her enough space to trail down. If she gets the space, her vines can reach high lengths up to over 3 meters long!
  • diameter6cm
  • height±10cm
  • lovessunny spots
  • care leveleasy
  • benefitsair cleaner
  • pet friendlynon-toxic
The String of Hearts is not very demanding. She thrives best in a place where she can receive plenty of direct or indirect sunlight, but she is shade-tolerant. Lower light conditions will however result in paler leaves. If the usually dark leaves start fading, it's time to move her to a sunnier spot. The Ceropegia Woodii String of Hearts has a succulent-like nature, so you should water her sparingly. Be careful not to overwater her - if there’s one thing she doesn’t like, it’s wet feet! Too much water can cause her roots to rot out. A small splash of water per week is all this low-maintenance plant needs. If you take good care of your baby Ceropegia Woodii, you will see that she grows quickly. The best way to make your Ceropegia Woodii baby grow into a healthy indoor plant is to make sure the plant is well rooted. To allow the String of Hearts to propagate quickly, it is best to let the vines rest on the potting soil. As the plant grows larger, she will let her strands fall down freely.
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Tupu - October 03, 2022
Why I did not get this as a gift
Laura Smith - September 08, 2022
Beautiful little guy. Slow grower for me but I'm still going for big things in time!
Rashmi Karkada - August 29, 2022
The plan was perfect! All the leaves were health and I got long strands for my plant. Its doing very well now and is growing so fast!
Evelyn Looi - July 21, 2022
This is one of my favourite. This baby arrived healthy, full and had a few long vines on arrival. Have successfully propogated some too
Marielle - July 12, 2022
Cute little plant with nice heart shaped leaves. The plant is small but it grows pretty fast!
Patrick Krämer - May 18, 2022
Made it through shipping pretty much undamaged, only lost the tip of one vine. Already putting out new growth a few days after receiving and repotting.
Chevelle Portier - March 12, 2021
Order arrived quickly and well-packaged. Unfortunately, its leaves were stuck in the packaging and much soil had fallen out. I have about 3 strings so I hope it will grow well so it will look like in the advertised picture :)
Emma More - January 31, 2021
Plants arrived a little too wet, but in nice condition. I bought two and potted them together, they are looking happy.
Alison Murray - January 15, 2021
Just received this, arrived exactly like the picture. Packaging used is great!
SONIAMAZ - January 08, 2021
Lovely baby plant
Charlene David - December 20, 2020
So happy to have this baby plant...I have mine since one month et she’s growing very fast
Krisztina Kaiser - December 14, 2020
I love this shop so much and their customer service is excellent, but now I give 4 stars only because this baby plant was much smaller than the pictured one, it's strings were much shorter. But overall I'm happy with my purchase.
Maratgaroby - December 02, 2020
Just got my order and this plant was in a good state but very very small even for a baby plant.
lingyi.yin@outlook.com - November 14, 2020
well packaged and arrived fast. a bit tinier than the picture but still very cute and alive. I ordered 5 baby plants and this is the first one to grow new leaves. will ordered more definitely.
Stacey Henry - November 13, 2020
The soil was too wet, so the vines started rotting and my plant unfortunately died. I was given a full refund though, and would still order other plants from the site as I have many other plants from here that have done well.
Ugne Balciunaite - November 05, 2020
The plant truly is tiny, but gorgeous. Mine had two strings and a full top upon arrival. Just received it and it's already growing new vines. Seems the cold travel didn't affect it negatively at all! I imagine this would make a great gift, such a fuss-free plant.
emxly3903 - October 27, 2020
Didn't have any strings only a few small leaves growing upwards, some of the bottom leaves have rotted but survived the trip, just really bare
Melanie Sukič - October 15, 2020
It arrived in excellent condition! I ordered just one, but I became one extra
carolborj - October 01, 2020
I ordered 2 babies but one had a sparse strings, 3 strings to be exact and bald on top the other one was quite ok with 5 strings and fuller on top
Sarah - September 26, 2020
This little plant is so gorgeous! Sadly, my little baby only had two super short and sparse "strings", unlike the babyplant shown in this picture - but otherwise in great condition. But I have only had it for about two weeks now and it has already grown tremendously! I can't wait to be able to put it in a bit bigger pot and hang it up!

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