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about this plant

The baby Begonia Maculata, memorably known as the Polka Dot Begonia, is a real eye-catcher. With her beautiful distinctive spotty patterning and surprising pink-red colour on the underside of her leaves, she’d be right at home on the catwalk! And luckily she loves the spotlight- put her in a bright spot and she will shine every day! The Begonia maculata is an undemanding, rewarding plant but be careful; her leaves and stems are mildly poisonous, so best kept well away from pets.

  • diameter7cm
  • height±15cm
  • lovespartly shady
  • benefitsair cleaner

The baby Begonia Maculata likes a light spot but doesn't put her in direct sunlight or her leaves might get burned. She’s a fan of humidity, so make sure her soil stays a little moist, but not too much because she hates having wet roots. Her leaves and stems are poisonous to pets, so she’s best kept well away from them. During the spring and summer, the growing season, give her some extra organic PLNTS nutrition on a regular basis to offer optimal support.

Valeriano Marcelli - May 20, 2022
Complimenti pianta come nella foto e sanissima sito affidabilissimo.
Angela Hannibal - May 13, 2022
FR: Arrivé rapidement dans un emballage soigné. En bonne santé et de bonne taille, je suis ravie! Depuis, elle ne cesse de pousser et de faire de nouvelles feuilles. EN: Arrived promptly in a neat package. Healthy and good size, I am delighted! Since then it has been growing and making new leaves.
Richard Braun - February 17, 2022
Kaufe sie schon zum zweiten Mal. Jedesmal sehr dichte Blätter und alles intakt Lieferung war sehr schnell
Svetlana Dobrosavljevic - April 03, 2021
A beauty of a plant, it's a pleasure to look at! A baby treasure :)
Jean Monaghan - April 02, 2021
I was so worried about this little baby plant, but it arrived packaged and well protected, ready to grow. It was tiny, but healthy and is such a little joy to have in my home!
lauranika_ - March 24, 2021
Arrived as per picture but a few of the biggest leaves were broken in the packaging.
Rasha Suliman - March 14, 2021
Arrived perfectly nice thank you
Aleksandra Glebicka - January 21, 2021
Even though it arrived with all of it's leaves dropped, it's a trooper and recovered very well.
Francesca Sicora - December 01, 2020
Bellissima, è arrivata velocemente (nonostante il periodo COVID) ed in buone condizioni!
Marion - November 15, 2020
Magnifique ! J’ai reçu une plante conforme à la photo. Juste un petit accro sûrement du au voyage. Mais sinon elle est parfaite !
Stacey Henry - November 13, 2020
Has grown really fast over the last 3 months. Very impressive and pretty plant. Mine had two plants in the pot, and one was bending slightly and was unstable, but I repotted it and stabilised it with extra soil at the top, which helped a lot.
Angela - November 09, 2020
Una pianta molto bella, simile alla foto. In Italia è abbastanza rara, spero che si adatti e cresca bene.
Lina Maniusyte - November 08, 2020
as per picture. Really nice plant.
pflaunzn.madl - August 31, 2020
The plant was bigger, than expected :) :)
Maja - July 26, 2020
I ordered I think 4 or 5 of these a few months ago, I gave them to my mother, grandmother, aunt and all plants look healthy and beautiful now. they grow really fast, it looks cute when they form new leaves, the new leaves are more red/ light green and get dark green over time

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Hi, I’m Emma, your guide!