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Alocasia Dragon Scale
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    about this plant

    The Alocasia Dragon Scale is a special and very exclusive type! As her name suggests, the beautiful leaves are reminiscent of the scales of a dragon. The pattern gives the leaves a fantastic 3D effect, you can keep looking at them! Although it is limited available, the Alocasia Dragon Scale is very popular among plant lovers. And we understand why! Besides the fantastic looks of this Rare Plant, it can be used in almost all places in your home. Just don't put her in the direct blazing sun to protect her beautiful leaves.

    • diameter12cm
    • height±20cm
    • lovespartly shady
    • benefitsair cleaner
    The Alocasia Dragon Scale does not like damp feet, so give it a small splash of water several times a week. Make sure that the soil does not get too wet, because the roots of Alocasia Dragon Scale can rot. During spring and summer, the growing season, regularly give some extra organic PLNTS nutrition so she can grow well. When brown edges appear on the leaves it is time to repot. Put this lady preferably in a light spot, but not in full sun.
    coraline.bichet - April 20, 2021
    Very happy with this plant! Since 5 months that I received it, it grows very fast with a lot of beautiful new leaves
    Emma More - March 23, 2021
    AMAZING plant! I blame PLNTS for making me addicted to their plants! :D Arrived in beautiful conditions, with lots of leaves, this is my favorite from my alocasia gang. I have black velvet, pink and silver dragon as well, so now the family is complete! Thanks again for the nice delivery!
    Samer - January 23, 2021
    Beautiful plant! Delivered in excellent condition! Thank you!
    Savyne Coëffé - January 22, 2021
    As beautiful as the picture. Just a tinny thing makes me worried for her... her smallest leaves turn yellow and the second biggest leaf has a part who is sort off.. transparent
    MA1 - January 18, 2021
    My most favourite plant, very beautiful indeed. But it died, not sure why. Would want to order again but no delivery to UK yet.
    SONIAMAZ - January 08, 2021
    Arrived to Italy in perfect condition and as pictured. Love it
    Stinne Piotrowsky - January 05, 2021
    Amazing plant, so so beautiful. All leaves in perfect condition. Safely packaged in plastic container so no wriggle room for bend leaves. Reason for 4 stars and not 5 is that unfortunately there are Spider Mites in the soil. I will try and treat with Neem Oil and soap mixture and hopefully the plant will recover.
    jiwon0704 - December 31, 2020
    absolutely beautiful, mine has big new leaves and all look perfect
    Anika Spreen - December 24, 2020
    Heute ist meine PLNTS-Bestellung angekommen. Die Planzen waren in einem sehr guten Zustand. Die Dragon Scale ist so wunderschön. Ich bin begeistert. Sie hat kräftige Blätter und die Größe stimmt genau mit der Angabe in der Beschreibung. Ich hoffe sie lebt sich gut bei mir ein. Ich werde auf jeden Fall bald wieder bei euch bestellen. Der Shop hat mich überzeugt!
    Imke9056 - December 11, 2020
    Eerste keer besteld hier. En meteen enthousiast. Perfect verpakt met een heatpack wat nog steeds goed warm was. De plant zelf: PRACHTIG!!! ik ben zo verbaasd over de mooie bladeren. Ik zal zeker weer bestellen.
    Amanda Abarte - December 02, 2020
    Unfortunately, mine died a week after arrival - clearly did not love the travel. It was super beautiful though and customer support was extremely helpful. Definitely want to order one again at some point
    Michaela Raukar-Herman - November 14, 2020
    I absolutely LOVE this little guy!!! Came in beautiful condition (don't be worried if the leaves hang upon arrival, just sit him down in some water - which is also always really nicely explained on their care guide that is shipped along - and he'll stand right back up by next day :-) ). Absolute eye-catcher!
    Lisa Schlossarek - November 13, 2020
    Absolutely stunning, I forgot to check the size of the pot and I didn't have a fitting planter on hand so I immediately repotted it into a terracotta pot but the plant doesn't seem to mind, just continued to grow beautifully!
    Elisabelle Gerard - November 12, 2020
    De belles grosses feuilles en parfaite santé, plus que ravie !
    Margot Vercautter - November 11, 2020
    Super mooie plant en in perfecte staat geleverd! Zeker een aanrader
    April Steer - September 27, 2020
    Arrived super fast and in perfect condition. Such a beautiful plant and already pushing out a new leaf. Very pleased with my purchase
    Natasha Woods - September 24, 2020
    I've fallen in love with Alocasia because of plnts.com and this is my latest addition. He has been named Henry, and has instantly become my favourite plant. As always, he arrived in perfect condition and in super fast time.
    Faith - September 20, 2020
    One more Alocasia in my plants collection and this one is gorgeous ! So happy with my second experience with plants.com...thank you again for my dragon scale
    Leila Artigala - September 12, 2020
    Very large plant for the price, arrived in perfect condition.
    Fabianne van Esveld - September 09, 2020
    Beautiful plant, so in love with the colour contract of the leaves! Arrived quickly in perfect condition, well wrapped, no broken leaves. Can't wait to see it grow :D !

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