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Hi there, new PLNTSdoctor!

You're a proud owner of our PLNTSdoctor kit, that means you have everything to make sure your plants should live happily ever after! The only key to success is using the products the right way. Of course we're here to help you with that. Time to tell you what every product is meant for and how to use it.

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PLNTS Neem Oil (100 ml)

The pure PLNTS Neem Oil is a natural remedy that fight pests on your green friends. It is effective against moulds, spider mites, thrips, mealy bugs and many other insects and can even be used preventively! With PLNTS Neem Oil, your beauties will not be bugged (anymore). Because PLNTS Neem Oil is a pure oil, it is very important to mix it. Mix 1 cap of oil with half a cap of dish soap and one litre of water. Make sure you mix it well and your wonder product is ready to be used!

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Fungus Gnats Catcher

The Fungus Gnats Catcher ensures that these insects won’t be able to lay eggs in the soil of your plant anymore. The package contains 10 fly traps, that are made of recycled plastic and have to be placed in the soil of your effected plant. The traps are covered with foil on both sides. Once you remove the foil, there will be a layer of glue where the flies will stick on to. This way, the pests can no longer reproduce.

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PLNTS measuring cup

This plastic measuring cup, which goes up to 100ml, is ideal for measuring the right quantities. It is very handy when you are putting together your own potting soil, for example, but it can also be used to measure the amount of pure neem oil. A diverse tool to ensure that you never use too much or too little!

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PLNTS Magnifying Glass

The magnifying glass enlarges up to 3 times and even has a little LED light with a battery capacity of approx. 10 hours. Super handy for plants in a darker corner or to check the bottom of the leaves. The magnifying glass helps you check if she’s starting to grow a new leaf. Next to that you can investigate your beauty her impurities to indicate what is bothering her. This is very important, because the quicker you know what’s wrong, the quicker you’re able to anticipate.

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!