Codiaeum leaves

Codiaeum (Croton)

We already know about Fern-like plant, Tree-like plants, but what about Bush-like plants? Bush-like plants like the plants in the Codiaeum family. Originating from Papuasia, Northern Australia or Southeast Asia. This family contains a lot of species that are Bush-like! The Codiaeum genus is a member of the overarching family Euphorbiacea. Most species in the Codiaeum family are shrubs with leathery leaves. Only some species are cultivated as houseplants.

Codiaeum plant care tips

Light and placement for Pachira

Codiaeum love bright light! They need a lot of it and even direct sunlight for a few hours is recommended. But they are not troublesome, they even tolerate short periods of shade. Codiaeum need a certain amount of heat. They are really happy with a temperature of between 18°C and 29°C. Avoid draughty places and the foliage will shine with its healthy condition!


A must for any member of the Codiaeum family is to increase humidity. It is good to put your Codiaeum on a tray with wet pebbles or to evaporate the leaves regularly. Codiaeum always needs moist potting soil. Not too much water, not too little water. If the leaves fall, it means that your green lady has been given too much or too little water. Lukewarm water is a must when you water your Codiaeum.


Fertilising once or twice a month, in spring and summer, with our PLNTS Nutrition is a good idea. Codiaeum are hungry babies! In winter your green lady doesn't need feeding because she goes into a resting state then.

Codiaeum plant

Propagating Codiaeum

Taking cuttings from a Codiaeum plant is actually quite simple. With a sharp knife or a good pair of pruning shears, you can cut off a stem of 3 or 4 centimetres long with 3 to 5 leaves. Then you can use cutting powder by dipping the cut end into it and repotting the cutting.

Most common pests on Codiaeum

Codiaeum are very sensitive to nasty insects. Pests such as mealybugs, red spider mites and thrips are common to them! Scale insects are rarer, but frustrating for gardeners. They particularly like strong (woody) stems. Codiaeum are one of the best options for them because of their strong stems. If your Codiaeum looks unhappy or loses some leaves but you don't know why, take a look at our PLNTSdoctor page to identify and eliminate plant pests!

Are Codiaeum poisonous for your pets or children?

Sadly, Codiaeum are poisonous. You must ensure that your furry friends and children do not come into contact with it. Wear gloves and rinse your skin if you come into contact with the sap! We don't want you to get hurt as a PLNTSlover.

Codiaeum plant for sale

At, we have the beautiful Baby Codiaeum Petra, that will make your heart melt with her beautiful orange color and cute leaves. She’s easy to take care of and will turn you into a real PLNTS parent! Here at, we cover all your plant dreams.

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!

Ciao, sono Emma, la tua guida!